Tori Spelling Being Forced To Sell Possessions By Husband Dean McDermott

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have been dealing with some money issues. It sounds like Dean is finally putting his foot down and won’t continue to be broke. Radar Online shared the news that Tori still has a lot of possessions put away in storage. On their reality show, viewers saw that they are paying for a huge storage facility and Tori has more stuff in storage than some people have in their homes.

At this time, Tori and Dean do not have a reality show and they are not getting a lot of work. Neither one of them has been getting very many jobs. Tori did recently land the role in the remake of Mother May I Sleep With Danger, which is a paycheck coming in, but it is only $10,000. Tori and Dean want another reality show, but that doesn’t seem to be happening for them. A source revealed how Tori feels about this money.

“She is happy to just be getting a paycheck. It’s not huge money, but it’s better than nothing. For most families, a $10,000 paycheck for just a few weeks’ worth of work would be huge. But it’s not for Tori. She can easily drop $1,000 at one toy store or department store.”

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott need more cash than that to fix their issues though. The source went on to share that Dean is going to make her do more than that and she will be getting rid of some of the stuff in storage if she likes it or not.

“Dean is putting down his foot and telling Tori she must sell off all off their junk that has accumulated over the years. There are more than three huge storage lockers piled to the top, and the rental fees are $1,000-$4,000 a month.”

If Tori Spelling can simply change the rental fees every month, that could be life changing for their family. Tori Spelling was recently sued by American Express over a $38,000 bill. She is somehow going to have to find the way to pay for the bill. The money from her new movie won’t even come close to covering it. If Tori could sell some stuff and get rid of rental fees, then maybe she could pay off this debt in a timely manner.

TMZ shared that her mom, Candy Spelling, is admitting that she is actually paying for a lot of Tori Spelling’s stuff. Candy Spelling said that she pays for the kid’s school, groceries, and their house, but she won’t be paying off Tori’s old debt. After having such a strained relationship over years, it is shocking that Candy is helping her out so much, but this is why they are able to live in a nice house and send the kids to private schools. It doesn’t sound like there is any way that Candy will be bailing her out this time.

Tori and Dean will have to figure something out or they are going to be in trouble. So far, there is only this one lawsuit against them, but it could end up happening again if they don’t get their act together. Tori and Dean will need to find a way to pay their bills if another show or acting job doesn’t come along soon.

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[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation]