Teen Girl ‘Humiliated’ After Male Principal Made Her Get On Her Knees So He Could Measure Her Skirt Length

A 17-year-old student at Edmonson County High School in Kentucky claims that her male principal forced her to kneel before him so that school officials could measure the gap between her skirt and the floor. The teen says she was “humiliated” and “embarrassed” by the whole ordeal and says that after her skirt passed the ruler test she was made to walk around the room with her arms in the air so the male principal could watch if the skirt “rode up” while she walked. When he deemed that it did ride up too high when walking, the teen was sent home.

The Daily Mail reports that 17-year-old Amanda Durbin felt “humiliated” when a male high school principal called her into his office so school staff could measure her skirt length. The ordeal began when Durbin paired a dress with opaque black tights and went to school at Edmonson County High School. The teen says that school officials had been cracking down on girls wearing leggings as pants and wanted to show girls that you could wear leggings appropriately. Therefore, she paired her opaque black leggings with a dress that was one inch longer than the skirt requirements stated in the school handbook.

According to the school’s dress code, dresses and skirts must not come more than six inches above the knee. Therefore, Durbin chose a dress that was five inches above the knee which made it an inch longer than required. However, once at school, Durbin says a teacher questioned the length of the dress and sent the teen to the principal’s officer for “measuring.”

Once in the office, Durbin says the principal forced her to get on her knees in his office so that they could measure the gap between the bottom of her skirt and the ground. However, Durbin says she was not comfortable kneeling in front of the principal, so she requested that her parents be present for the “humiliating” process. As a result, Durbin was absent from class for the majority of the day as her parents made their way to the school.

Durbin maintains that she was fully aware of the dress code and had measured the skirt at her own home. Durbin says that her skirt was one inch over the required length stated in the handbook and the principal’s measurements confirmed that the skirt was long enough by ruler standards. However, Durbin says the humiliation didn’t end when she “passed” the ruler test. Instead, after she passed the measurement, she says the principal told her to walk around the room with her arms above her head so they could watch to see if the skirt “rode up” when she walked. After determining that the dress moved up too high when walking, the school sent Durbin home for dress code violation.

Now Durbin’s mother is speaking out, noting that her daughter’s dress was appropriate enough to wear to church and that it does not violate the dress code. In fact, the mother told WKBO that everyone who has seen the dress agrees.

“I’ve had people saying that’s something they would wear to church. If it’s appropriate for you to go to church in, why isn’t it appropriate for you to go to school in?”

What do you think about the school principal pulling the teen girl from class to evaluate dress code violations? If the dress passed the ruler test, should Durbin have been sent back to class instead of sent home as she was wearing opaque black leggings under the dress? What do you think about schools spending so much time pulling kids from class for dress code violations? Would school uniforms be a better idea for districts struggling with a constant stream of violations?

[Image via Flickr/ Eric E Castro/ Resized]