‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers: What Is Wrong With Emily?

Pretty Little Liars returned just a few weeks ago, and it already has long-time fans puzzled. In between seasons there was a time jump. Since then, five years have passed. While Pretty Little Liars has dropped hints about what happened to the girls during that time, there is plenty of mystery left. Speculations have been running wild about Emily, especially now that she is receiving treatments of some sort. The past episode showed her getting an injection, and fans learned she no longer has any money left.

During season 6A of Pretty Little Liars, the girls found out who “A” really was. It was Charlotte DiLaurentis, Alison’s sister. Now that all of the liars are back in Rosewood and years have gone by, things are not the same. Pretty Little Liars has promised fans plenty of twists and turns, and it looks like the show is making good on that. Emily was revealed to be sick, but no further details were given. According to Bustle, Pretty Little Liars fans assumed that Emily may have had a gambling addiction. That was mentioned in the very beginning because of her being broke. It is clear her mother has no idea what is going on, and neither do her friends. Since arriving back in Rosewood, Emily has been the most shady liar of the bunch.

As time progresses, Pretty Little Liars will reveal what happened to all of the girls. There has been talk about the Italian girl Emily mentioned in the first episode of the season, and speculation that perhaps she ties into the story about why Emily is sick. No diagnosis has been talked about, but fans are tossing around several ideas. Because the show airs on Freeform (previously ABC Family), anything is possible in regards to what the writers have chosen for Emily. This network is more modernized than many of the others, especially when it comes to teen issues. All of the liars are now adults, but not all of them are of sound mind.

Emily still hasn’t come to terms with her dad’s death. She has blown through nearly all of her money, and was kicked out of school when she lost her scholarship. No one near her knows what she is really going through. The Pretty Little Liars writers haven’t told Emily’s story yet, but they are dropping some heavy clues. According to Wetpaint, Pretty Little Liars fans are speculating cancer may be what is plaguing Emily. She is on plenty of pills, which were shown in the most recent episode. Fans also saw her getting a treatment at a clinic, and one of the girls she talked to outside mentioned having cancer. This is the most likely scenario, though there are still some other choices being talked about.

There has been some talk that the Pretty Little Liars writers may be tossing around the idea of having Emily battling HIV. After all, it is a problem that teens and young adults face. Emily has been the oddball character since the beginning, especially because they chose to make her gay. Shay Mitchell has embraced the role from the beginning, and that helps to bring the story to life. Could Emily be battling HIV? Since the Pretty Little Liars gang has no clue what is going on with one of their own, anything is possible.

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With this season of Pretty Little Liars set to wrap up early this spring, the next several episodes will be packed with valuable information. The mystery is now who killed Charlotte, though that isn’t all fans are trying to figure it out. Emily’s condition has taken over several of the Pretty Little Liars fan pages and groups on social media. Hopefully the reveal won’t disappoint the fans who have stuck around for the last five seasons of Pretty Little Liars.

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