One Account To Rule Them All: Nintendo Wii U And 3DS Will Share Unified User Accounts

Nintendo Wii U and 3DS customers will be able to access their gaming accounts through a unified eShop account system.

Fan site Nintendo World Report discovered the new policy in leaked company documents sent from a customer service representative to a customer. Nintendo has been slowly leaking details about its next generation gaming console but has been closed lipped about specifics regarding much of the systems functionality.

According to reports the new unified eShop account system will launch when the Nintendo Wii U reaches market with the 3DS sync option arriving some time after the initial launch.

It’s possible that the new system may allow users to purchase content via the Nintendo eStore and then deliver that content to a different device. The move could allow Nintendo to grab impulse buys on the 3DS which users than take advantage of on their Nintendo Wii U when they arrive at home.

The new eShop account system will launch in the United States and Canada but it has not been announced for other countries at this time.

Nintendo is also expected to bring with it a procedure for transferring user data and account permissions for a lost, stolen or broken device, allowing for a more “cloud” friendly gaming platform.

Nintendo has been busily showing off online features that will allow users to communicate with other members and take park in other forms of traditional online gaming, at this time it’s still unclear if some of those features will carry over to Nintendo 3DS users via the unified accounts setup.