The Oatmeal’s Matthew Inman Raises $211K Total For Charity, Sends ‘Your Mom Seducing a Bear’ Photo as Promised

Webcomic The Oatmeal’s high-profile battle with the site FunnyJunk — and subsequently, a lawyer representing the sticky-fingered humor site — has ended, with enough money collected and donated to charity to purchase a house in much of the country (or pay a half-year of rent in Manhattan.)

Creator Matthew Inman seemed shocked, dismayed and disgusted to learn he was being sued by the site FunnyJunk — mainly for pointing out that the latter site had posted his comics without retribution, while taking no actual action against FunnyJunk.

So just to be clear, FunnyJunk reposted Inman’s creations — without so much as a link back, much less attribution — and then when Inman complained, they slapped him with a lawsuit and tried to shake him down for twenty large.

Allegedly. Actually, it’s pretty well documented, but you know, just want to be on the safe side.

So anyway, Inman posted that he intended to raise the $20K from his fans and followers. And then donate it to charity, take a picture of the pile of cheddar, and send the pic to FunnyJunk’s lawyer Charles Carreon, along with a drawing of his mother, seducing a Kodiak bear.

The Oatmeal LawsuitCarreon, soon the subject of a few dump trucks full of pure internet outrage (and some very unflattering insinuations about his mother) was predictably annoyed by the fallout. So he decided to sue Inman… and named the charities in the lawsuit as well? It was pretty guaranteed to not work out in his favor, and eventually he dropped the suit.

Now The Oatmeal has completed the BearLove Good, Cancer Bad fundraiser, and the final total — $211,223.04 — has been converted into money, which was then photographed as promised, and sent to the lawyer.

You can read the full post here, but it seems the first commenter was on the mark when he or she said:

“You have beaten the internet… that was the last level…”