Donald Trump Vice President Picks: These Are The 4 Likeliest Candidates

Donald Trump vice president picks are already a hot topic on social media, in spite of the fact that he has yet to even secure the nomination.

However, one luck at Trump’s surging poll numbers suggests that it may not be too early for “the Donald” to start thinking about who will occupy the spot behind him at his first State of the Union address.

In the spirit of getting in on the fun, here are the four likeliest candidates to be selected as Donald Trump’s vice president.

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka may seem like a long shot — after all, you have to be 35, and she won’t turn that age until Oct. 30, right before the election, so she would have to campaign with her father as an ineligible person — but it’s obvious Donald Trump is fond of his little girl and puts a tremendous amount of trust in her judgment as she is an integral part of his campaign. As such, one should not be too quick to rule her out.

Also, she is somewhat highly regarded even among people who think her father is a madman, so it couldn’t hurt his chances any more than some of the controversial things that he has already said.

Scott Brown

One Donald Trump vice president pick that is more likely is Scott Brown, the former U.S. Senator, whom many within his own party call a “liberal.”

This selection — one he’s already considering, if this story from the Sun Chronicle is any guide — would embolden Trump’s independent appeal, which he will need to win. Luckily for Trump, haters within his own party hate Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders so much more, most will grit their teeth and vote for him even if they would rather Jeb Bush be the nominee.

Mark Cuban

In July 2015, Business Insider reports, Mark Cuban, billionaire investor and star of Shark Tank, said that he would consider being the Donald Trump vice president pick. The two have a friendly relationship, though they don’t see eye to eye politically.

That hasn’t stopped them from doing business with each other before, however, as Trump rented out one of Cuban’s buildings for a campaign event.

Picking Mark Cuban as his VP would do a lot to stave off fears from more left-leaning independents. It would emphasize Trump’s business acumen over some of his more outlandish statements, and provide a degree of check and balance that is currently missing from his campaign.

Linda McMahon

Look, it’s clear that Linda McMahon, wife of WWE CEO and Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon, has had failed political aspirations. But one must consider that her previous forays into politics have been as a Republican in a liberal state.

On a national scale, the failure of her past elections would do very little to hurt her or Trump, for that matter.

Besides, Trump and the McMahons have worked together before.

One thing that would help Donald Trump in selecting Linda McMahon is the fact that, in WWE, she is tied to an organization that prides itself on inclusion and diversity despite some of the more controversial story ideas through the years.

There are a lot of WWE fans who might consider giving Trump a second thought if Linda was on the ticket. While this one is probably unlikely to happen, who knows with Trump? His entire campaign has been something no one saw coming.

So what about it, readers?

Which of the above candidates do you think should be the Donald Trump vice president pick? Sound off in the comments section below.

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