Ryan Reynolds Wows Fans As ‘Deadpool’ In Taiwan And Australia

Ryan Reynolds is making the rounds with the world premiere of Deadpool, and he has already made an impact with one appearance, proving Nixon wasn’t the only one who could go to China. Even before the Deadpool premiere in Taiwan, Reynolds impressed fans with his knowledge of Chinese culture and a limited Chinese vocabulary. It’s unkown whether Ryan does, in fact, have an interest in China, or whether someone associated with the actor supplied him with the information, but, either way, the effect of the Deadpool actor’s appearance was felt throughout the country with fans in other provinces using social media to request the actor’s appearance in their own areas.

Deadpool‘s Ryan Reynolds Bonds With Fans In Taiwan

Often, stars try to impress fans in China by learning a smattering of words and phrases to say during public engagements in some of the larger cities, like Taipai, Taiwan, but Ryan Reynolds’ visit to promote Deadpool was so much more. In addition to showing fans that he had a somewhat deeper understanding of their native language, the actor proved he held a genuine interest in their culture by making casual references to Chinese current events.

Before even appearing in Taipai, Reynolds posted a message in Chinese to his Taiwanese fans, which said that the actor dreams of becoming the lead singer for the city’s most popular death metal band, ChthoniC. This comes after it was reported that ChthoniC lost their lead singer, Freddy Lim, when the artist won an election to Taiwan’s next Legislative Yuan.

“We can only hire him,” Doris Yeh, band leader and bassist, responded to Reynolds’ post.

The Deadpool actor further thrilled fans, when he posted a play on words in the Chinese language, which seems to prove his understanding of the language and his knowledge of the country’s culture.

“In another post in Chinese, Reynolds played on the Chinese character ‘菜, tsai,’ which means poor-quality, saying: ‘Fans in Taiwan, I’m your cup of tea even though I speak poor Chinese (菜中文, tsai zhong wen),'” reports Focus Taiwan.

The pun was understood and, more importantly, amused the people of Taiwan, because it relates to their own jokes about President-elect Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文). Spoken aloud, the three characters of Ing-Wen’s name sounds like “poor English.”

President-elect Tsai Ing-wen actually speaks English fluently, as a result of an education that includes American and United Kingdom schools.

Ryan Reynolds continued endearing himself to the Chinese people with a fictionalized job application that had been written in Chinese. The gesture was not missed, getting over 120,000 likes and comments thanking the Deadpool actor for being so thoughtful.

Fans as far as Hong Kong have been touched by Ryan’s sincerity.

“Can’t handle the awesomeness,” posted Karen Tse, a fan and Hong Kong resident. “Please visit Hong Kong as (part of) the same trip!”

Deadpool Celebrates Australia Day As Only He Can

Taiwan!!!! 我是死侍,我要應徵閃靈主唱!

A photo posted by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on

Never let it be said Deadpool will miss a party! Ryan Reynolds, as the Deadpool character, recorded a video message for those fans down under, as they celebrate Australia Day.

For a film not intended to be anything more than a single, stand alone project, Deadpool is creating a positive buzz big enough to propel a multi-film franchise. Ryan Reynolds’ video message for Australia Day only helps to multiply the adoration felt by fans worldwide.

Deadpool is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, which focuses on ex-special forces operative Wade Wilson. Upon his release from military life, Wilson discovers that an experiment left him with the ability to heal himself. The knowledge that he can’t be harmed, Wilson creates the Deadpool alter ego, so he can hunt down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, and Gina Carano, will be released in the United States on February 12.

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