New York Man Punishes Wife By Forcing Her To Walk Naked In New York City As He Hurls Insults At Her [Video]

A man from Harlem, in New York, has forced his wife to walk down the street naked as a punishment for talking to other men. Jason Melo recorded the incident, hurling insults at her the entire time.

The video was uploaded to YouTube, but has since been taken down. However, an edited version that blurs out his Melo’s wife’s naked body has surfaced and shows the humiliating situation unravel.

The video has sent outrage across the internet, causing people to wonder how such an embarrassing form of punishment could happen in the United States and why no one went outside to assist the woman.

The Daily Mail shared some feedback from viewers of the video, each disgusted at Jason Melo and the punishment he chose for his wife.

“I don’t know what she did and I don’t care. Nobody deserves to be humiliated [like that].”

Melo’s wife is visibly embarrassed, but keeps her cool throughout the punishment as she begins her walk covered in a white towel. The walk of shame begins with Melo calling his wife demeaning names, claiming she was talking to other men in a fashion he does not agree with. However, when she refuses to remove the towel, he pulls it from her and forces her to cover herself with just her hands as she stand in the Harlem streets wearing only a pair of boots.

Before pulling the towel off, Melo can be heard yelling at his wife in Spanish.

“Take off your towel! Co-operate b****. Show what you are, so pretty and so great.”

In addition to forcing his wife to parade around the streets of Harlem naked, Melo started his humiliation inside their apartment as he choked her and beat her by punching her in both the face and the crotch, according to the New York Daily News.

Once the towel came off, Melo continued hurling insults at his wife, as she pulled a cover off of a motorcycle and wrapped it around herself.

“You’re going to pay the price like a whore, right there by the trash. Pose with your trash.”

First Lady Chirlane McCray was in shock that the event was allowed to happen, let alone the video was posted online. In response, McCray released a statement claiming that such forms of abuse will not be tolerated in New York.

“Posting that video online perpetuated the abuse, which New York City does not tolerate. We are steadfast in our efforts to make sure all victims of abuse are aware of the many resources available as we strive to make New York City’s public and private spaces safe for all women and girls.”

Jason Melo
[Photo Via: Instagram]

Jason Melo was later arrested and is awaiting an arraignment on multiple charges, including assault, coercion, choking, and even child abuse.

Relatives of Melo’s wife stated that she was treated for minor facial injuries. They declined to comment on the situation.

Melo posted a video on his Instagram account, apologizing for what he did while wiping tears from his eyes.

“Maybe, I made a mistake, to do what I did, from the beginning to take her out naked. I really regret this. If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t do it. Because in my mind, so much has happened to me. I came from a woman, I have a daughter, and I have two sisters. But look what you pushed me to do. I am sorry for everything. This the last video I will make, I don’t want any interviews, I don’t want anything,”

[Photo Via: Instagram]