Lily Allen Pregnant: British Pop Star Expecting Second Child

It’s only been eight months since the birth of her first child, but British singer Lily Allen is apparently ready to do it again.

According to a new report out of the U.K., Allen, 27, and her husband, Sam Cooper, are expecting their second child.

“Lily has started telling her friends and everybody in her close circle is so excited for her,” a source described as a friend of the pair, told the Daily Mirror.

Per the Mirror, Allen, who gave birth to daughter Ethel Mary last November, is three months along and reportedly already showing.

“Lily was sure people were going to cotton on to the fact she had a pregnancy bump but she seemed to get away with it thanks to wearing very baggy clothing,” the source told the paper.

“Her bump has popped out very early – far earlier than the last pregnancy. She’s been joking she feels six months pregnant already,” the source added.

While the pop-star hasn’t exactly confirmed her pregnancy, she ever so slightly hinted to the good news on Twitter.

“Thank you for all your congratulations”, Allen tweeted Sunday, also adding that she has been listed in the Sunday Times Magazine’s list of top 50 tweeters. “I honestly couldn’t be happier. Such an honour to be on the list! #Timestop50tweeter,” Allen coyly wrote afterwards.

In addition to taking care of a newborn and preparing for baby number two, Lily Allen is in the midst of a musical comeback — she’s recently announced that she is back in the recording studio now, planning to release her third album next spring.

As for the forthcoming bundle of joy, People magazine reports that he or she is due in December.