Bus Crashes on The Set of Sandra Bullock’s New Film

It seems like it was taken straight out of a scene from Sandra Bullock’s film 90s hit Speed. A city bus crashed into a trailer on the set of Bullock’s new film The Heat in Roxbury, Boston, which is where the film is currently shooting.

The accident is said to have happened right outside the Roxbury Courthouse in Boston on Warren Avenue. According to Boston.com, the accident occurred this morning around 9:30 am. It is said that the bus held approximately 20 passengers. Right after the accident 11 people who were on the bus were injured and taken to the hospital. Thankfully no one had life threatening injuries, and Sandra Bullock, along with Bridesmaids costar Melissa McCarthy were unharmed.

A passenger Alistar Allen recounted the experience from this morning saying, “It was scary. The sound scared you more than anything else. I mean you got thrown and you hit yourself but the sound was like, ‘boom!’” According to several reports the case is currently under investigation.

The Heat is a film about an FBI agent with teams up with a Boston officer to destroy a Russian mobster. It is said that director Paul Feig is heading up the film. According to local Boston reports Bullock has been enjoying her time in Boston as she spent a bit of time in Dudley Square, which was right outside of an old police station, where filming is currently taking place.

Bullock’s new film, The Heat, started filming in the Square four days ago and is said to wrap up in time for an April 2013 release.