Lil Wayne Lawsuit Against Birdman Still On Despite Reconciliation

Lil Wayne and Birdman may have reconciled, but the lawsuit against Cash Money Records and its founder is still on. Wayne has made it clear that Birdman may be family, but business is business. According to a TMZ report, Lil Wayne and Birdman have not come to an agreement about the release of Tha Carter V or the mindblowing amount of money that Lil Wayne still believes Birdman owes him.

Right now, it looks like Lil Wayne and his mentor might be making some headway in their relationship, but that is just on a personal level. Weezy and Birdman were pictured together on New Year’s Eve at a party in Miami thrown by Drake. Then, not two weeks later, Lil Wayne and Birdman appeared on stage together in Miami again. This time, they were at the LIV nightclub, where the Cash Money Records founder and his Young Money protege performed together since their feud blew up.

Now there is news that Lil Wayne has been seen in the studio with Birdman, possibly working on Tha Carter V. Previously, Birdman claimed the album wasn’t ready for release and that is why he refused to allow the album to be sold. Lil Wayne disagreed, though, and spent the better part of a year doing everything he could to either have his album released or to leave his lifetime friend and family member behind in order to make music when and however he wanted.

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Lil Wayne filed suit against Birdman just over a year ago to the tune of $51 million after complaining about the delayed release of his upcoming album, Tha Carter V. Despite having been seen in the studio together after performing together and even partying together, Lil Wayne is reportedly still moving forward with that lawsuit against his mentor.

What will happen if Lil Wayne and Birdman can’t come to an agreement on the amount of money owed? Weezy has threatened to leave Young Money. It’s unknown if Lil Wayne would head for another label or just start one of his own. The Hollygrove rapper has been having more than his fair share of money troubles over the past year. Certainly the release of Tha Carter V would have alleviated a lot of his cash flow problems, and fans wonder if he’s still upset with Birdman over his lack of cash.

Let’s not forget that Birdman also sued after Jay Z and Tidal when The Free Weezy Album popped up on the airwaves of the new music-streaming service. That was only after Birdman was implicated in a possible murder-for-hire plot after Lil Wayne’s tour bus was shot up. Jimmy Carlton Winfrey was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the tour bus attack, but it was his ties to another rapper, Young Thug, as well as a reported phone call to Birdman after the fact that raised many suspicions that Lil Wayne’s tour bus shooting might have been a message sent from his mentor.

Birdman declared last week that the feud with Lil Wayne was over. The Cash Money mogul even proclaimed that he would die for Wayne and that the New Orleans rapper was his son. Will he still feel as strongly about Lil Wayne if they aren’t able to work out their money issues? Is Weezy ready to forgive Birdman for all his money struggles over the past year, including the raid of his Miami Beach mansion and the seizure of as much as $30 million of Lil Wayne’s art collection in order to pay his bills? Birdman and Lil Wayne have a relationship that goes way back, and fans are interested to see if they are able to overcome the huge money squabble that has caused huge issues for more than a year now.

Check out the reunion between Birdman and Lil Wayne on stage at the LIV nightclub in Miami earlier this week, but be forewarned, there is plenty of explicit language in the video and even a possible threat against Rick Ross. What do you think will happen now that we know Lil Wayne is still suing?

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