‘The View’s Whoopi Goldberg On Stacey Dash’s Perspective — Dash’s Humble Beginnings In Black Entertainment

Stacey Dash has been the subject of severe backlash since her “no Black History Month” interview. And Whoopi Goldberg has spared her no feelings on The View.

If you haven’t heard or read about Stacey Dash and her comments towards segregation and integration, essentially, she said that America needs to rid itself of all such recognized holidays, channels, awards, and programs that are geared towards black people. Of course, as Stacey Dash mentioned, this includes Black History month, BET, black television shows, all-black casts, and so on.

Well, on top of BET’s response to Stacey’s comments — on which Inquisitr previously reported — The View‘s Whoopi Goldberg also weighed in this morning during the show. According to E! Online, Whoopi Goldberg said that not all Americans are treated like Americans. Whoopi’s comment can show evident by the recent events in Flint, Michigan, right?

Nevertheless, Goldberg questioned her fellow cast members on their knowledge of black history. Most of them only knew the basics that were subjectively taught in their schools at the time. According to Sunny Hostin, she wasn’t taught about black history at all in school.

Yet the American educational system teaches about American history and its innovations, yes? If the black community is fully integrated as “Americans,” why are black achievements and strides — which helped make this country great — so rarely recognized? Why is black history month recognized during the shortest month of the year? So many questions could arise if one would actually look into the agenda of it all.

Whoopi Goldberg mentioned, “American history holds all of us but we’re not all treated like Americans. One of the reasons there is a BET is because networks wouldn’t take a lot of the shows that have an all-black cast.”

However, according to Internet Movie Database, networks have aired non-black-cast shows, such as Friends, for years — in this instance, minus Joey’s girlfriend Charlie, who didn’t appear until 2003, nearly a decade into the franchise and a year before the final episode. Is that not a double standard on integration?

And did not “America” just go “coo-coo” and attempt to boycott Star Wars because there was a black actor cast into a major role? Where were Stacey Dash’s integration comments then?

What was most interesting about Stacey’s comments, though, was the fact that Dash didn’t mention other ethnic holidays, shows, and casts. Dash only mentioned the black recognitions as what needed to be eliminated. But it seems that Stacey forgot about her earlier years as an actress and model for ethnic magazine King— not to mention being cast on several ethnic shows, given ethnic awards, or recognized similarly during her start in entertainment. There might not be a “Stacey Dash” if it weren’t for such opened doors.

During Stacey Dash’s interview, she was tackling the issue from Jada Pinkett Smith’s boycott announcement. However, if Stacey were truly adamant about full integration, why wouldn’t she address all segregated programming, including the “default” of today’s America?

Via Fox News, Stacey said that there’s a double standard by fault of the black community. According to Dash, full integration comes with the possibility of not having black actors and actresses nominated for their works in Hollywood. But isn’t that a double standard in itself?

That poses a question: “Why were there no black actors or actresses nominated for the second year in a row — regardless of major movies that cast such workers in leading roles and major supporting roles?” The issue is not that there was an absence of black winners. The issue is that no black entertainers were even nominated for major categories from the start.

Yet Stacey Dash states that there should be no separation because “we’re Americans. Period.” Tell that to the Academy’s panel. If interested, you can see Stacey Dash’s interview in the video below.

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