Ariana Grande Slams Justin Bieber Over Flirty Instagram Comment

Ariana Grande is throwing some serious shade at Justin Bieber following some flirty Instagram comments.

Ariana took to Instagram to post some flirty videos of herself on January 20, which appeared to get Justin pretty hot under the collar.

Twitter user @ladiebuteraz spotted Bieber’s remarks on Ariana’s social media page, where he allegedly liked the two videos Grande posted and commented on Grande’s sexy clips, “Damn Ariana u look so good [sic].”

But while the supposed Instagram comments sent Ariana and Justin’s fans into a frenzy, it sounds like Grande wasn’t quite so excited about the possibility of starting a hot and heavy romance with the “Sorry” singer.

Shortly after Justin’s social media comments appeared online, Grande took to Twitter to write “lol no,” which many fans are speculating is a response to Bieber’s sexy Instagram comments.

Ariana Grande then followed up her initial remarks with what appeared to be an even more telling response, writing to her more than 35.7 million Twitter followers, “not today satan!!!!!! gtg finish this music & live my cute, drama free life!! [sic].”

But while Grande is wishing for a drama-free life, Bieber’s alleged comments didn’t sit too well with Ariana’s rumored boyfriend Ricky Alvarez, who appeared to hit back at the “What Do You Mean?” singer on the photo sharing site.

Alvarez, who’s alleged to have been dating Grande since this past summer, posted what appeared to be a pretty jealous response to Bieber’s comments, supposedly tagging Justin and commenting on Ariana’s video, “keep looking player…I already told you she does.”

Although Grande and Alvarez have never officially confirmed their relationship, Celebuzz reported back in August that the two were officially dating after meeting while Alvarez danced with Ariana on her Honeymoon tour.

Ricky’s supposed response caused a whole lot of drama between Ariana and Justin’s fans on social media, with many slamming Grande’s apparent boyfriend on Twitter.

“Ricky getting salty bc he knows justin could snatch ariana real quick,” @trendybiebers wrote on the 140 character site, while @_ArianaTorGirl posted to the social media site, “JUSTIN IS JUST BEING NICE TO ARIANA AND THIS STUPID RAT THINKS HE HAS THE RIGHT TO SAY THIS TO HIM [sic].”

But while Ricky appears to be running to his Ariana’s defence, Justin’s flirty Instagram comment comes just days after Grande and Bieber were spotted getting pretty close in a new commercial for British radio station Capital FM.

Grande was spotted in the short video dancing in front of the Canadian singer, which got fans pretty excited that there could a relationship blossoming between the two pop stars.

But while Grande now appears to be throwing some serious shade Bieber’s way on her social media following his pretty flirty comments, that certainly hasn’t always been the case.

Grande publicly defended Justin back in November in a candid interview with Reuters, where she called Justin a “good person” and admitted that he doesn’t deserve the hate he often gets across the media.

“He can do whatever he wants. He’s doing the same thing as every other boy in the world, you know,” Ariana Grande told the site of Justin. “He’s just under a microscope and scrutinized by people who don’t know him. I know him and he’s a good person. He really is.”

Ariana added during the interview that she believes Bieber is “a good guy and he doesn’t deserve what he’s going through.”

Do you think Ariana Grande was throwing shade at Justin Bieber with her Twitter remarks?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]