Photo shows Perez Hilton getting punched

The Perez Hilton assault video released June 22 allegedly showing the moment Perez was punched was grainy and hard to follow, but a new image from the scene clearly shows the point of impact.

The Perez Hilton getting punched image, first published by shows the moment a fist connects with the side of Perez’s head. What’s interesting about the image is that it shows that the impact occurred during a scuffle that had already begun, where it was believed before that the scuffle was a result of Perez getting punched. The photo also shows that the punch wasn’t well aimed, and may not have seriously connected with Perez; certainly we know that Perez wasn’t punched in the front of the face or with any direct force a direct shot would have had.

In related Perez Hilton news, the whinny celebrity blogger is filing suit against’s manager for $25,000 in damaged for the assault.

The Perez Hilton getting punched photo above (full shot) and below (close up.)