Lennox The Dog Needs A Miracle, Set To Be Euthanized Tonight

The saga of Lennox the Dog will come to an end tonight, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look good.

Lennox the Dog is scheduled to be euathanized later tonight despite petitions, protests, and re-homing offers.

The Labrador/American Bulldog of has been living with the Barnes family for the last 7-years and has never been violent. But the City of Belfast in Northern Ireland seized the “pit-bull like” dog in 2010 and sentenced him to death under the “Dangerous Dogs Act.”

Since then, Lennox supporters have sprouted up around the world.

The “Save Lennox” petition received more than 174,000 signatures. A “Boycott Belfast” petition received more than 20,000 signatures. The Digital Journal reports that people have also offered to re-home the dog, free of charge, outside of Belfast.

Dog trainer and specialist Victoria Stilwell has offered to take the dog to the United States, free of charge. Stilwell, who is currently in Belfast in the hopes of sparing the dog execution, said:

“I now publicly give you my word that if you remand custody of Lennox to me and allow me to take him to a safe place in the U.S., I will not disparage the BCC, the Belfast court system, or those involved with this case in any way moving forward. Indeed, I will publicly recognize the courage that it will take to rise above the divisive voices clamoring on both sides of this issue, follow the law, and yet also show some humanity and allow this dog to live out his final years in peace in the US…”

But so far, Stilwell’s offer has been denied.

The Barnes family posted a note to its Facebook page yesterday saying that all legal options have been exhausted.

The family writes:

“If the offer is turned down we will fight for our right to say goodbye. We cannot bear the thought that Lennox will die without being reminded of the hearts and hands that love him.”

The Huffington Post reports that time is running out for Lennox the Dog, but several people are still trying to save the dog’s life. Currently, protesters are emailing the veterinary surgeons in charge of euthanizing Lennox asking them to put down their needles. There is also an email campaign to Michelle O’Neill, Northern Ireland’s minister of agriculture, asking for a pardon.