East Coast Blizzard: 2016 Starts With Winter Storm Jonas That Could Cripple The Northeast This Weekend [Video]

The East Coast is gearing up for blizzard conditions this weekend as Winter Storm Jonas is set to bear down on tens of millions of people this weekend. The area of the United States that will be impacted by Winter Storm Jonas stretches from as far west as Ohio, as far south as Alabama, and the East Coast from North Carolina to Massachusets.

According to the Weather Channel, blizzard conditions will exist from Washington D.C up to Boston. They are also warning that flooding along the coastal regions is to be expected in the regions where blizzard conditions are likely to occur. The National Weather Service is also issuing a significant warning about Winter Storm Jonas.

“Potential life-threatening conditions [are] expected Friday night into Saturday night. Travel is expected to be severely limited if not impossible during the height of the storm Friday night and Saturday.”

Forecasters are not 100 percent certain of the track of Winter Storm Jonas, and the track it takes will determine what parts of the Northeast will get snow totals of over 12 inches. Winter Storm Jonas is a slow-moving storm that could last between 36 and 48 hours, thus creating the high snow totals and coastal flooding problems that major cities will need to deal with. The Washington Post has published percentages of snow totals for the D.C. area.

  • At least one inch: 95 percent or higher
  • At least four inches: 85 percent
  • At least eight inches: 75 percent
  • At least 12 inches: 65 percent
  • At least 18 inches: 40 percent
  • At least 24 inches: 15 percent

The areas where Winter Storm Jonas hits the strongest will likely find themselves buried under 24 inches of snow or more. Again, depending on the track of the storm, New York City could be hit incredibly hard by this blizzard-causing winter storm. The current forecast has the storm hitting Washington D.C and Baltimore the hardest.

This forecast can change in a heartbeat, though. It is vital that everyone on the East Coast in the path of Winter Storm Jonas stays abreast of the latest forecast for their area. It is also important for those traveling into or out of the Northeast to expect delays, road or bridge closures, and cancellations.

As is to be expected, Winter Storm Jonas is getting lots of attention on Twitter, and they are having some fun with it.

As humorous as it is to link the name of a famous storm with a celebrity, this storm is to be taken seriously. As the National Weather Service said, this storm should be considered life threatening. Tens of thousands will lose power and sadly, people will more than likely lose their lives during this storm.

Winter Storm Jonas will begin impacting the major cities in the Northeast late Thursday night and Friday morning. This will be a whole weekend event. People in the heart of this potential weekend blizzard should make preparations to ensure they have everything they need to stay indoors for the entire weekend.

Hopefully, the clean-up of this storm will be quick and not cause problems when the new work week begins on Monday.

How bad do you think Winter Storm Jonas will be in your area? Did you get the bread and milk?

[Image Via AP Photo/Steven Senne]