WWE News: Updates On John Cena and Cesaro Heading Into ‘Wrestlemania 32’

With a rash of injuries tearing through some of the WWE’s top talents, the company is reportedly not expected to have Cesaro or John Cena ready for Wrestlemania 32, according to Daily Wrestling News.

Names such as Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, and Sting are all currently out of action with serious injuries and are not factors in WWE’s plans for the big event. Those names make up a solid chunk of the company’s upper-echelon of talent so having Cena and Cesaro heal ahead of schedule would’ve been a major boost.

Cesaro, 35, suffered a torn rotator cuff in his left shoulder this past November. The “Swiss Superman” was believed to be in the midst of a “mini-push” from WWE as crowd reactions to him were at an all-time high. The injury put an end to any immediate plans WWE had for Cesaro, as the company confirmed he would be out four-to-six months.

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The Lucerne, Switzerland, native expressed gratitude to the WWE Universe for their reactions and revealed that he’s looking forward to his return.

“I just want to come back as soon as possible. I felt I was building a lot of momentum, and that was all thanks to the fans. I really appreciate all the support I’ve gotten and I’ve felt that the Cesaro Section is finally rising and it’s becoming undeniable.”

Daily Wrestling News’ report states that Cesaro’s rehab is going well but despite that, he’s not expected to be ready by Wrestlemania 32. Four-to-six months from the day of his surgery could theoretically be enough time for him to heal. However, his injury was something that bothered him for several months before the surgery, so WWE will likely play it safe.

As for Cena, the former 15-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion recently went under-the-knife for a serious injury to his shoulder. Ironically, Cena had just returned from a two-month hiatus from WWE as he filmed the reality series American Grit.

Cena, 38, returned on the final Monday Night RAW of 2015, defeating WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio via disqualification in a title match. A championship cannot be won via disqualification, therefore, Cena did not leave Brooklyn, New York, as champion.

The expectation was that Cena would continue to chase Del Rio for the title up until the Rumble. However, the injury changed everything and Kalisto replaced Cena in the feud with Del Rio — winning his first singles championship with WWE in the process.

Initially, the report was that Cena would be out of action for six-to-nine months with the shoulder injury, making a return at WWE SummerSlam in August a strong possibility. Cena’s injury also put an end to the rumored Cena vs. The Undertaker match at Wrestlemania 32.

However, as The Inquisitr reported earlier today, if Cena can miraculously heal his injury before Wrestlemania, the WWE is still hoping it can follow through with the original Cena vs. Undertaker match. Both men have wrestled each other just a few times during their careers with their last match taking place in 2006.

Cena has a history of returning from injury earlier than expected with the most famous example of that being the Royal Rumble in 2008. After suffering a torn a pectoral muscle in early October of 2007, Cena returned just a few months later to win the Rumble. It was a remarkable recovery as Cena was initially expected to miss anywhere from seven months to a year of in-ring time.

Cena is not expected back in time for Wrestlemania 32 and indicated himself that this injury could put him out of action for a while.

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