Tammy Sytch Sex Tape: Former WWE Star Sunny Weighing $100,000 Deal, Now Has A Second Offer

Tammy Sytch is reportedly considering a sex tape, and the WWE Hall of Famer could have more than one adult film company bidding for her services.

Sytch, who has been in trouble a number of times in the past few years for her substance abuse and domestic violence arrests, received an offer from Vivid’s Steve Hirsch for a 90-minute adult film. TMZ reported that Tammy Sytch would be able to choose the filming location for her sex tape as well as her partner.

Sytch seemed to be considering the offer, but wanted a better payout.

“Many girls have done movies for Vivid Entertainment and it’s never hurt anybody else’s career,” she said. “It’s definitely something to consider but $100,000 just isn’t enough for me.”

Vivid is actually well-known for its celerity sex tapes. The most famous of these is likely Kim Kardashian, who went from a relative nobody to an in-demand reality television star after her video hit the internet.

Last year, Vivid offered to do the same for Kim’s younger sister, with Steven Hirsch offering a massive sum if Kylie and boyfriend Tyga released a sex tape.

“Kim’s sex tape helped launch her career and would be nothing but positive for you,” he said in a letter (via TMZ). “This event will make you even more famous than either Kim K or Paris Hilton.”

Tammy Sytch has been in the news a lot over the past few years. In late 2012, she was arrested five times in a month in connection to domestic violence disturbances. This led to a Connecticut court ordering the former WWE star to go to a rehab center in Pennsylvania.

The WWE even paid for her rehab trip, and had reportedly paid for three other trips to rehab for the troubled star.

As Pro Wrestling reported, Tammy Sytch has been hard up for money and is even selling her WWE Hall of Fame ring to make ends meet.

“Sytch is auctioning off the ring, and she blasted critics of the move by pointing out that another Hall of Famer sold his ring to help cover the costs of a divorce. It’s unfortunate to see any major Hall of Fame rings sold, but she’s far from the first person in the sports world to sell her ring. Meanwhile, Hirsch is looking for headlines and he got it, as I don’t think he’d haggle if Sytch said she would keep the ring and do the porn film for $100,000.”

Not long after the initial $100,000 offer came in, YouPorn Sports ambassador Joey Ryan said his company is making their own offer for Sunny — one that wouldn’t involve her filming a sex tape.

“Luckily for her, there’s now another offer on the table — one that doesn’t even involve sex — and in the video below Joey Ryan says all she has to do is call YouPorn Sports for a better deal,” reported Pro Wrestling Sheet. “The video isn’t specific on what they’re offering money-wise, but we’re told it’s more of an endorsement deal — and she’d receive an ‘undisclosed amount’ for signing with the company.”

YouPorn sports said their offer would not only save Tammy Sytch from having to film a sex tape, they would also pay so she can keep her WWE Hall of Fame ring, saying “she earned it.”

[Image via WAW Nation/Skype screenshot]