Chrissy Teigen Shares Hilarious Argument With Husband John Legend Over Pizza Rolls

Chrissy Teigen is known to be one of the more active celebrities on social media–especially Twitter. In fact, the platform recently dubbed the former model the "mayor" of Twitter. Teigen gives followers an honest look into her life at home with husband John Legend and their two children, often sharing some hilarious anecdotes. On Sunday evening, Teigen shared via Twitter her latest story about her and Legend's innocent late night snack that led to a big argument.

"I am having a Totino's craving," Teigen began, according to Entertainment Tonight. "I don't want a great pizza. I want a pizza from my childhood, with sliced fresh tomatoes on top."

She continued on to say that Legend was on board with the idea and asked how many boxes she would like to order.

"I said first of all loser it's in a bag now. So we Postmate some," the chef added.

In anticipation of their food delivery, the couple began arguing over the best way to "ensure crispiness." Teigen said that the pizza should be directly on the rack, while Legend believed it should be on a pan.

"We talk about my childhood a bit. How this pizza shaped my life no big deal," Teigen wrote. "We get the notification. John yells 'it is herrrre!!' Like Oprah."

As it turns out, all that time Legend thought she was talking about Totino's pizza rolls, when she meant the brand's actual pizza. The "All of Me" singer had "no idea" Totino's made pizza, as Teigen explained.

"But more importantly he thinks I am so stupid I would think tiny pizza rolls go directly onto the rack and that I would want tiny slices of fresh tomato on a god d**n singular pizza roll," she continued, adding that the incident led the couple to actually fight.

The mother of two even shared a clip of herself dumping pizza rolls through the grates in the oven rack while mocking Legend in the background. In the end, she must have convinced her husband to order the right product because Teigen later shared a photo of herself eating a small slice of pizza with fresh tomato on top.

The story had followers riveted from start to finish. Each tweet garnered over 1,000 likes and many users commented that they kept refreshing Teigen's feed to get the latest of the pizza roll saga.

Teigen and Legend can be seen feuding once more in an upcoming episode of Family Feud, where they will compete against the cast of Bravo's Vanderpump Rules, Billboard reported.