Way to go Guy Kawasaki, thanks for the malware tweet

Wow, makes me almost glad that I don’t follow Mr. Kawasaki on Twitter, unlike Guy’s other 139,000 followers who were left open to a possible malware threat from one of his automated tweets. According to the report on CNet News Security blog a Twitter message sent by Kawasaki advertised a sexy video of TV star Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl. The problem was that if you clicked on the link and then tried to view the video you would find yourself the proud owner of a trojan.

Under the guise of needing to install a required codec to view the video, Kawasaki fans would instead download and install OSX/Jahlav-C for the Mac. Kawasaki has stated that his account is set up to redistribute spam updates from user generated news site NowPublic.

While Kawasaki’s account wasn’t the only one to send out the message (it also went out on less popular accounts), Guy’s popularity on Twitter means many of his messages are ReTweeted, resulting in even further promotion of the malware.

But then again it was a trojan for Macs and we all know there is no such thing so I guess this isn’t really that important so go ahead and carry on with what you were doing …………….