Josh Duggar Lawyers Tell Judge Danica Dillon Refuses To Provide Proof, Sister Says Stripper ‘Stalked’ Duggar [Video]

Josh Duggar might be winning his case in the $500,000 lawsuit filed against him by Danica Dillon. On January 21, Josh’s case goes into a pre-trial meeting, and as of today, Danica Dillon has yet to provide proof of the rough sex as well as lost wages she incurred because Josh Duggar allegedly assaulted her.

According to lawyers for Josh Duggar, Danica Dillon has refused to provide the proof necessary, which is a win for Josh, since the case might be thrown out. In court documents obtained by Radar Online, Josh Duggar’s lawyer, Jeffrey A. Conrad, claims that Danica Dillon failed to disclose medical records, as well as lost wage information and text messages she claims she exchanged with Josh Duggar, which would prove the nature of their relationship.

In fact, all that the adult film star has provided is the $900 contract with Pennsylvania strip club Creekside Cabaret, which is the strip club where she claims she met Josh Duggar. Although she says she was victimized by Josh Duggar, Danica, who should have sent the judge the requested information to help her case, instead has “found the time to bowl at Admiral Robinson Recreation Center in San Diego, California, ride a helicopter in Kauai, Hawaii, attend a San Diego chargers game, and to publicize photographs of herself undertaking those activities on Instagram.”

According to lawyers for Josh Duggar, the $900 contract provided by Dillon “alone is not sufficient to determine the wages lost to date in light of her alleged inability to work since mid-April.” Duggar’s lawyers are asking the judge to force Danica to submit the necessary proof.

According to Danica Dillon’s own sister, the stripper stalked Josh Duggar for months before even meeting him, indicating that Dillon tried to set up Josh in some sort of scandal. Speaking with Radar Online, Dillon’s sister, Mariah Stamm, claims that Danica “pretty much followed Josh for six months before the first encounter ever happened,” watching his every move online and “was Twitter stalking him, and able to know where his location was.”

Mariah told Radar Online that her sister is desperate for “15 minutes of fame” and believes she is “some famous celebrity, like Taylor Swift.” Stamm added that Dillon targeted Josh Duggar, a mainstream reality star, because “it will do them both good to have each other as friends because she’s the next big thing,” and she’s ready to break into the mainstream media.

Danica has even given interviews on entertainment shows like Entertainment Tonight about her relationship with Josh Duggar, and has gone so far as to give Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna, advice. In a September 2015 interview, Danica told ET that she had no idea who Josh Duggar was, and he “just looks like your average, everyday fan.”

According to Danica, Josh claimed he was a fan of her 128 x-rated movies, and described Duggar as “weird” and creepy. He “kept approaching me through the night, saying weird things like, ‘Oh you are so beautiful.'”

Additionally, Dillon, who has had rough sex in her films, claims she was only acting, and in her movies she does not “really get slapped across the face, there’s ways to make it look like you are getting hit.” Unlike her sexual encounters with Josh Duggar, Dillon explained that every “hardcore scene I’ve ever done is…monitored, there’s people there to watch in case something happens, if there’s an incident.”

As for Anna Duggar, Dillon gave her some advice in the interview, telling the mother of four that she should leave Josh. In the premiere episode of the three-part series Jill & Jessa: Counting On, Anna Duggar made it clear she won’t leave her husband, and in fact, hopes the experience makes them stronger.

The pre-trial for the lawsuit between Josh Duggar and Danica Dillon begins January 21.

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