Vanessa Hudgens Reflects On ‘High School Musical’ And Wishes She ‘Could Have Taken It In More’

The High School Musical reunion has brought back memories both good and bad, and while some may have opted out on the reunion, based on long forgotten feuds or humiliations, most, like Vanessa Hudgens, were eager to reunite for this special event. The reunion, hosted by The Disney Channel, was arranged to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the original film’s release. A decade later, Ms. Hudgens reflects on the evolution her life has taken and on what she might have done differently, if she’d known then all that she knows now.

Vanessa Hudgens looks back on her High School Musical days

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The former High School Musical star reflects for a moment when asked what she might have done differently as she looks back on that movie, and she at last says that she wishes she would have taken more time to enjoy the experience. Sounding very much like someone who has learned to cherish moments that are unique and fleeting, Hudgens responds with nostalgic regret to the question.

“I think the lesson that I would tell myself when we did the movie would be to just soak in every moment and treasure it because it went by so fast,” Vanessa says during the High School Musical reunion. “Looking back at it, there are things that I remember, but I wish… I could have taken it in more, because it was so special.”

Joining Ms. Hudgens for the January 17 reunion were co-stars Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman, Lucas Grabeel, and Ashley Tisdale. Zac Efron declined to appear in person for the event, but participated via remote.

Ashley Tisdale commented that the entire cast had an enjoyable experience in filming each of the three High School Musical films, adding that the joy they experienced shows in their performances.

Grease: Live brings Vanessa Hudgens and Jenny McCarthy together

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While it was certainly fun to look back on her High School Musical days, Vanessa Hudgens is also busy making new memories. Currently, the Spring Breakers actress is on the road, promoting her upcoming appearance as Rizzo in Grease: Live. One such opportunity brought Hudgens to Jenny McCarthy’s Sirius XM radio show, where the two entertainers bonded over the airwaves, laughing and having a genuine good time.

Listeners might have wished they could have seen the antics McCarthy and guest Hudgens were up to in the studio, but even radio often shares pictures and video via social media. Such was the case when Jenny and Vanessa got a hold of a selfie stick and started shooting pictures of themselves. The pair hugged and laughed together as they snapped photos of their fun.

Ms. Hudgens revealed that while some changes have been made for the Grease: Live event, much has been left the same and the adult situations tackled in the film will still be present in the live musical event. Vanessa feels it was important to keep in the sexual content, because, at its base, Grease has always been about addressing the ways in which young people handle sexuality.

“Even though it has this fun lightheartedness about it, there’s some real stuff going on,” Vanessa says.

Some of the wording has been changed in consideration of the fact that this will be a live network presentation, but the general attitude will remain the same, says Marc Platt, the Grease: Live producer.

“We’re doing what we think is the best version of ‘Grease’ that fits a live television format.”

For those concerned over the changes, it should be noted that this isn’t the first time Grease has been modified. A school version of the play entirely eliminates Rizzo’s pregnancy to make it more child-appropriate. Also, the famed title theme by Barry Gibb and “You’re the One I Want” by John Farrar were newly added for the film. Neither song was included in the original Broadway musical.

Joining Vanessa Hudgens, Julianne Hough will play Sandy and Aaron Tveit will play Danny Zuko.

Grease: Live will air on FOX on January 31.

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