‘Wonder Woman’ Movie Footage Reveals How DC Will Portray The Justice League’s Greatest Heroine

New Wonder Woman movie footage was revealed last night. This Wonder Woman movie footage gives a lot more on the story for the upcoming solo film. It shows her adjusting to life in civilization, and about how her origin story plays out. It’s also obviously taking place before Batman v Superman, and gives a picture of how Warner Bros. will deal with future Justice League member solo movies.

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The full DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League special was revealed last night on the CW. Most solo Justice League member movies are origin stories, which will put at least some of them out of sync with the main storyline that began in Man of Steel. Judging by the quality of this new Wonder Woman movie footage, that may not be a problem. It breaks DC and Warner Bros. from the restrictions of having to keep a congruous timeline, so they can throw in Justice League members here or there if it works with the story of an upcoming DC film.

The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman portions of the footage all reveal origin stories, too, despite the fact that they are all rumored to make appearances in Batman v Superman as fully fledged versions of themselves. So how will this make sense to movie and comic fans? The Flash has been responsible for incredible time shifts in comics. Perhaps he will also be responsible for a shift in time that will make the movies make sense as well. Being that The Flash movie doesn’t come out until March, 2018, this might not be the way things work out. Both Justice League: Part One and Wonder Woman come out before The Flash.

DC has to be careful here. They don’t want to confuse people on film like they almost did in comics. DC has reformulated its universe time and time again. But in movies, they’ve mainly only had Superman and Batman to play with. DC has destroyed and revived its timeline on multiple comic book occasions, involving massive numbers of heroes. The clearest examples are the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Flashpoint, and Convergence events, along with some smaller disruptions in the DC continuity.

The Wonder Woman movie will show Wonder Woman’s lesser known origin story, if you compare her with Superman or Batman. Gal Gadot is playing the Amazon princess out of Greek mythology. Wonder Woman left the other Amazons in order to be a hero among regular human beings. It will also put her honed fighting skills on display, as the footage reveals. Batman v Superman is likely to tap into those superb fighting skills to lead the heroes to victory in that movie. As Empire reports, she’ll have Chris Pine by her side as comic book pilot Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman’s love interest. Among other roles, Chris Pine is known for his portrayal as Captain Kirk from the Star Trek reboot movies.

Patty Jenkins will direct. Jenkins was almost the director of Thor: The Dark World before Alan Taylor took the job. Jenkins is best known for her 2003 film, Monster. After that, she mainly did various television projects. Wonder Woman is her big return to the big screen. Gadot is known for playing Gisele in some of The Fast and the Furious movies. With a female lead actor and female director, DC hopes to bring authenticity to Wonder Woman.

Patty Jenkins told The CW about how she will craft the Wonder Woman character.

“The greatest thing about Wonder Woman is how good and kind and loving she is, yet none of that negates any of her power.”

This Wonder Woman movie footage says a lot of good things about her 2017 solo movie. And fans only have to wait until March for her appearance in Batman v Superman.

[Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Gucci Fragrance]