Scorned Wife Throws Husband’s Alleged Mistress Off Bridge — Video Goes Viral

It’s hard to know what someone will do in a situation until they are presented with it and in the middle of it all. A video now making the rounds on the internet shows what one woman did when she found out her husband was cheating. Not only did she begin beating up the alleged mistress, but she then dragged the woman by the hair over to the edge of a road and threw her off a bridge.

As if that doesn’t sound bad enough, someone else recorded the entire situation on a mobile phone and then posted it online for the world to see. In the video, it’s also shown that someone else appeared out of nowhere and helped the scorned wife throw the woman off the bridge.

According to the Daily Mail, the situation happened in Brazil, and the video shows the woman confronting her husband’s alleged mistress. Almost immediately, the woman begins punching the other woman and pulling at her hair.

The alleged mistress grabs hold of a door, a wall, and a gate to try and pull herself out of the grasp of the angry wife. It never works for her and only gets worse from there.

Image via LiveLeak

As the video, which first was released by LiveLeak, continues, the mistress is then dragged by her hair through a parking lot. At times, she makes it to her feet and keeps trying to get the wife’s hands out of her hair.

Other times, the woman falls to the ground and can do nothing as she’s just pulled harder and more violently across the pavement.

The wife obviously has a size advantage over the much smaller mistress, and it shows in their attempts to fight it out. The mistress can’t even stop her head from being jerked forcibly backward and yanked back up again.

While the wife keeps pulling, she just keeps yelling at her and screaming at her. The Daily Mail reports that the alleged mistress starts begging and pleading in Portuguese for the wife to stop, but she never lets up at all.

After making it across the parking lot, another female in a green shirt comes into view and starts helping out the wife. The alleged mistress tries to make it to her feet but can’t as she is now outnumbered.

That’s when it happened. The wife and her friend get the alleged mistress to the edge of the bridge and throw her over the edge into the water below.

Whoever is filming the whole scene keeps recording as the wife and her friend walk off to the side. The camera focuses on the alleged mistress, who starts lifting her head and face out of the water in the shallow creek and tries to stand up as the video ends.

She doesn’t appear to be seriously hurt, but it’s not known what the extent of her injuries were.

Nancy Grace had a couple of lawyers on her show recently, and one was David Lee Windecher, a defense attorney from Atlanta. Grace believes that the video clearly shows a felony aggravated assault, but Windecher appears to think differently.

“That might be the case, but if it’s a crime of passion because she caught the husband in the act of being… you know… cheating on her, then she could act on that impulse. She would have a strong defense based on it being a crime of passion. She could say she is temporarily insane based on the provocation of catching her husband cheating on her.”

As of now, not much more is known about the situation that happens in the video, but it is known that a wife took her husband’s alleged mistress and threw her off a bridge. This took place in Brazil and the video is going viral, but much more is likely to come of it all.

[Image via LiveLeak/YouTube]