Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez Step Out Makeup-Free After Gomez Breaks ‘Girl Code’

These celebrity friends stick together, no matter what. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were spotted make-up free as they hit the gym together.

Taylor Swift, 26, and Selena Gomez, 23, were spotted leaving the Body by Simone dance studio in Los Angeles on Monday, January 19. Gomez wore a hot pink sports bra with a silver necklace, while Swift sported a black hooded sweatshirt and a black leather Prada handbag. Both besties were also seen with makeup-free complexions.

This is a departure for Swift, who’s been seen dolled up and headed to the gym in most of 2014 and 2015. The next day on Tuesday, Swift tried hard to keep her face covered as she tightened the hood on her head during her outdoor workout.

Taylor and Selena defied the rumors by proving that they stay together and sweat together. The pair hasn’t been seen out and out since the 2015 VMAs back in August, but they recently hung out, sharing photos of them peeking out of the bushes and captioning the lyrics from Taylor’s single “Out of the Woods.”

Rumors about the twosome have been swirling for the past few weeks. That’s because Selena Gomez has been spotted with two of Taylor Swift’s alleged enemies at recent events. Sources say that Swift was furious when Gomez was photographed hanging out with Katy Perry at the 2016 Golden Globes.

Katy was there to present an award, while Selena was there because of her cameo in The Big Short alongside co-star Brad Pitt. The two singers were seen chatting up the Hollywood A-lister on Instagram. But sources say that TayTay has since forgiven Sel, and knows that her best friend wouldn’t speak badly about her.

But Selena Gomez allegedly got in trouble with Taylor Swift again when she was spotted partying with Calvin Harris’ ex-girlfriend, Rita Ora. Their recent hangout was confirmed according to Ora’s Snapchat story, which featured Selena dancing around with a group of girls in a hotel or someone’s bedroom.

While Gomez has broken the girl code once again, sources say that Swift does not think that the pop star has backstabbed her in any way.

“Taylor trusts Selena 100 percent and knows that she would never ever betray her. Selena is the one who told Taylor that she had seen Rita with a group of friends. She has nothing to hide from Taylor and it’s not like she actually planned the get together. Plus Taylor knows Selena would never be outright rude to anyone.”

Besides, Taylor Swift has nothing to worry about when she’s obviously in a serious relationship with Calvin Harris. The couple has been dating for 11 months, making some wonder if they’re going to get engaged this year.

“Taylor is in such a good place with Calvin that the name Rita doesn’t ruffle her feathers. What she and Calvin have is far more serious and involved than what he ever had with Rita.”

Rita Ora doesn’t have any bad blood with Taylor, either. She previously revealed to the Evening Standard that she adores the singer and everything that she stands for. Unfortunately, Taylor can’t reciprocate, since Rita and Calvin had a falling out during their relationship, which caused him to ban her performance at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards.

It looks like that inside source spoke the truth about Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift still being good friends. As mentioned before, they were spotted attending the dance-heavy workout class amid their busy schedules.

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[Photo by Jaguar PS/Shutterstock.com]