Politician Pulls Gun On Debate Opponent After Heated Argument [Video]

A political debate between a Jordanian lawmaker and his guerrilla-turned-activist opponent turned ugly last Thursday when a gun was drawn and verbal sparring was caught on video by a live TV crew.

After a less than diplomatic debate the MP pulled out a pistol and waved it at his opponent and there was even some President George. W. Bush style shoe throwing involved in the exchange.

No gun shots were fired by after the incident a court is now considering formal charges against Mohammed Shawabka. According to Mansour Seif-Eddine Murad:

“He was going to shoot me and he should be punished for that.”

According to the Associated Press Shawabka called Murad a “spy” for Assad at which point Murab called Shawabka a “Mossad agent” and “mafia thief.” Shawabka then threw his shoe at Murad who was hiding under a table that had tipped over, at which point Shawabka pulled out a silver pistol that was tucked into his waistband.

According to the talk show host who was in charge of moderating the debate:

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like the Wild West, but we needed horses in the studio.”

Here’s the entire exchange caught on video for the entire world to see:

I have to hand it to the talk show host, not only did he try to calm the situation, he actually stepped right in front of the gun to break the two men apart.

Perhaps more people would watch Jay Leno if he was constantly breaking up gun fights on the Tonight Show.