Orlando Bloom A Player? Seems To Be Dating Katy Perry And Selena Gomez

It does look like Orlando Bloom might be quite the ladies’ man right now. Hollywood Life shared that it looks like Orlando Bloom is actually dating two women right now, and both of them are women that anyone would be happy to have a chance to date. At the Golden Globes, Orlando was actually seen getting cozy with both Katy Perry and Selena Gomez. The rumors started flying, and it turns out that he might actually be dating both of these women. If they are both okay with it, there is nothing wrong with playing the field and figuring out who is a good match for you.

A source shared that Orlando and Katy were flirting away and she was interested in it becoming more. Katy needs to find a good man. The source went on to reveal what happened between Katy and Orlando at the Golden Globes.

“Katy was definitely into him. Right up until a friend told her that Orlando was also seeing Selena Gomez!”

Another source shared the details about what is going on with Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez. It turns out that these two started seeing each other in December, but it is not serious at all and they are keeping it very casual. Selena does seem to be moving on from Justin Bieber just fine and Orlando bloom might just be the guy to help her out. This isn’t the first time rumors have been flying that these two were dating each other. Now the source says that Katy Perry is not happy that he was seeing Selena and really isn’t cool with that big age difference either. Selena is a lot younger than Orlando Bloom.

The thing is Orlando Bloom might not be the only one dating two people at once. Selena Gomez has been seen cozying up with Orlando but was also spotted holding hands out in public with Samuel Krost. So far, Selena is being quiet about who she is dating or if either one of them is more than just friends to her. She does have a cute nickname for Orlando, though, and calls him Orly.

Vaniety Fair shared that Orlando Bloom can’t stop flirting when he is at the awards shows, and the Golden Globes isn’t the only time that he has been seen flirting with a few girls. This weekend, Orlando was at the Critics’ Choice Awards, and it turns out he was seen chatting up Liv Tyler as well. A source shared that Orlando even grabbed her butt as she walked away. It seemed very playful, and she just laughed at Orlando when he did it. Here is what else they had to say about it.

“[Orlando] couldn’t stop rubbing [Tyler’s] forearm as they chatted. He seemed fairly uninterested in the whole awards show, but very interested in all the beautiful women around him.”

Liv Tyler is actually engaged to be married, so there is probably nothing to Orlando Bloom flirting with her. The two have worked together in the past and are probably just good friends. No word on what Liv’s fiance thinks about Orlando grabbing her on the butt as she walked away, though.

Do you think that Orlando Bloom would be a good fit for Katy Perry or Selena Gomez? What do you think about Orlando dating them both at once? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts on who Orlando Bloom should date or flirt with next.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]