Parents Brawl At Georgia Little League Game [video]

A couple of Georgia Little League teams went to the local park to play some baseball only to watch a pair of league parents throw punches and shout profanities. The Friday evening game took a bizarre twist when the scuffle between two men turned into a full-fledged brawl, according to The Blaze. Both Charles Davidson, 38, and Iram King, 36 wound up in the back of a police car and now face charges of disorderly conduct.

The fight at the Georgia Little League game was caught by on video after the final innings were played in Harris County. The Northern Little League youth athletes were packing up their bats and gloves when the physical altercation, which was described by game umpires as “an embarrassing display” began. Excerpts from he police report published in the Ledger -Enquirer note that Davidson was playing “loud music” from his car near right field after Northern won the Little League game. Rose and Iram King reportedly “demanded” that the music be turned down.

The report also notes that Chadwick stated some teams bring music to play between innings and both before and after the game to give the event “a little atmosphere.” Chadwick did turn the music down but not before harsh words were exchanged about the players. King allegedly began walking toward Davidson. A witness statement notes that King told Davidson, “I’m her to f… you up,” when the music-playing dad asked why King was walking toward his car. Then Davidson allegedly stated, “Well, here I am,” before the Georgia Little League field turned into a makeshift boxing ring.

As the shoving and punching escalated an audience, which include the young baseball players gathered. According to a league administrator, both men may be barred from future Georgia Little League games