Gigi Hadid Reveals iPhone Screensaver Is Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid’s iPhone has become the center of attention for Gigi’s fans whenever the runway model has stepped out since Tuesday, January 19. Most of the time, it’s Hadid’s gorgeous wardrobe that people want to see, but ever since her new iPhone screensaver was spotted, that’s all changed. Gigi’s screensaver is her new romantic interest, Zayn Malik. Hadid was “clocked with a picture of Zayn on her phone” when she made her way through Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris on Tuesday.

Of course, even though all eyes were focused on the iPhone as onlookers tried to get a glimpse of the Zayn Malik screensaver, Gigi’s wardrobe was as stunning as ever. Hadid wore a camel-coloured jacket that simply oozed style, paired with an all-black long-sleeved top and skinny jeans. The jeans sported a red heart on one leg and a gold star on the other, as Gigi made sure to maintain her quirky attitude towards her personal style.

Glamour Magazine UK tweeted a photo of Gigi, with the caption, “How cute are Gigi’s trousers?”

Gigi and Zayn are already under the spotlight as they spend time together and get romantic all over the world, but according to the Mirror, they have yet to officially acknowledge that they are in a relationship. There have been lots of signs that Hadid and Malik are getting serious since they were first romantically linked last November.

Last week, Gigi, 20, helped Zayn, who just turned 23, celebrate his birthday by wearing a special necklace that certainly gives the impression Gigi is ready to take things to a whole new level with Malik. The necklace, which the Mirror reports is “probably a present” for Zayn, is a “Zayn” pendant with the letter “Z.” Gigi uploaded a photo of the necklace to her Instagram account, captioning it “ZDAY,” and adding a yellow heart emoji.

Earlier, Gigi even changed her usual wardrobe style to rock one of Zayn’s tops. Gigi was spotted wearing Zayn’s Bradford City football top, a big change from her usual choice to dress to make an impact and an adorable way to show her love for Zayn.

The iPhone screensaver is the best indicator yet that Gigi and Zayn are serious about their relationship. According to Hollywood Life, the couple have a lot to work out since their “crazy schedules keep them apart at times,” and they want to see each other “all day every day.” With Hadid’s busy schedule as an internationally famous model, and Malik putting all his energy into building a solo career outside One Direction. it’s hard to actually get a chance to see each other as often as they’d like.

But love will always find a way! It looks like they may have found at least one way to be together while they’re on opposite sides of the ocean, maintaining career commitments. Now that Gigi has “made her one and only the lock screen” on her iPhone so that she can carry Zayn “on her arm” everywhere she goes, according to Hollywood Life, Zayn knows that Gigi can see his face anytime she wants to. Fans are thrilled to see them getting serious! One Twitter user expressed happiness that Gigi and Zayn are together and tweeted that they are so beautiful and cute at the same time.

[Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images for IMG]