‘The Flash’ Season 2: Candice Patton Discusses Wally West, Grant Gustin Discusses Whether Zoom Is Evil Barry Allen

The Flash Season 2 is back on track after its action-packed midseason premiere. One of the major changes in the lives of team Flash in this season has been Wally West, also known as one of the other Flashes and Kid Flash, The Flash’s Robin-like sidekick. When we last left the Flash in the midseason finale, we really just met Wally West, and had no time to get to know him. Joe and Wally West got off to a rocky start in the Flash midseason premiere, and according to Comicbook, Candice Patton (Iris West) predicted some friction between Joe and Wally. Though, Joe is just trying to take it slow with his newly found son.

“Joe is more of the opinion that he wants to be friends with Wally, he doesn’t want to push him too much because he doesn’t want to lose him. You know, he’s just found him and he doesn’t want to push him too far. Whereas Iris wants him to be safe and so she kind of takes on more of the parent role and she confronts Wally about street racing and she’s pretty adamant and relentless about it. There’s definitely some friction between the siblings, for sure.”

Francine West on The Flash
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Certainly, at this point, the Flash fans know all about what Francine thinks, Iris thinks, Joe thinks, but what about Wally West’s point of view regarding not knowing his father? Patton said that Joe and Wally are on the same page.

“To a degree, not so much but yeah we definitely, you know, it’s hard for everyone and definitely hard for Wally because I feel like he’s found out around the same time that Joe and Iris did so it’s fresh for everyone and everyone’s a little hurt and upset by it. They’re all kind of figuring it out together and it’s not easy for anyone and that’s the thing is they’re family and they have to work through it together. That’s a lot of the conversations that Joe and Iris and Wally have.”

Patton was asked what it was like being on The Flash now that she is more an actual member of Team Flash, instead of being solely the Flash’s love interest. She extolled the virtues of her, the Flash, Ronnie Raymond, Cisco, and Caitlin Snow all getting to play multiple character in more than one Earth.

“What’s really cool about being on a show like The Flash is, you know, while I signed on to do Iris, there are potentially many different versions of Iris and Barry and Caitlin and Cisco and all of these characters. We have the opportunity to re-envision ourselves and that’s really fun. Yeah, so being able to go to Earth-2, we’ll see a version of Iris on Earth-2, it is, it’s more sci-fi, it’s more fun. You know, there’s Killer Frost and Deathstorm and Iris is a part of a lot of that…”

Zoom in The Flash
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Candice Patton isn’t the only one delving into what’s upcoming for Season 2 of The Flash, as Grant Gustin took on the nagging question of just who is Zoom. More specifically, Gustin spoke to a popular theory that suggests that an evil Earth-2 Barry Allen is, in fact, Zoom.

“I don’t think it’s going to be Evil Barry, but I was pitching that idea really early on, like, ‘How fun would that be, it’d be so cool!’ I just selfishly wanted to play the villain. I didn’t even know who it was until last night, actually. I hadn’t asked. I asked way more questions last year. Jesse [L. Martin] likes to know as little as possible and I’m kind of taking that route this year, so I’m surprised when I see the scripts and surprised when I do it.”

So, The Flash fans want to know if Grant Gustin, A.K.A. The Flash, knows who the notorious Season 2 villain is, and he does. However, he’s not talking. One last tid bit he left for the fans was cryptic, yet intriguing.

“Even if you think you know, there’s going to be some part of it that no one is going to guess exactly what the reveal is.”

The Flash Season 2’s biggest mystery has yet to be answered, but it is officially known. Have you guessed who Zoom is yet?

[Image via The Flash Season 2 episode screenshot | Courtesy Of CW | Cropped and Resized]