The Game Beats Up 40 Glocc, Allegedly Pulled Gun Before Fight [Video]

Rapper The Game was recently caught on tape beating down former G-Unit rapper 40 Glocc and now the victim is claiming that he didn’t have a chance after a gun was pulled on him.

In the video captured by a cell phone, some of which was filmed by The Game himself the victim can be seen taking a barrage of punches from the rapper in the middle of a Hollywood street. During the fight we can hear The Game as he heckles 40 Glocc:

You wanna finish it? You wanna finish it right here?”

Some of the rappers punches landed squarely to the face of his downed opponent while 40 Glocc looks in the camera and says:

“I just got jumped, n*gga.”

All the while The Game continues to throw more punches while calling the downed man a “punk ass N*gga.”

Eventually 40 Glocc breaks free and as he flees from the scene of the jumping we hear The Game proclaim, “There ain’t gonna be another one, n*gga.”

As the camera looks down at The Games shoes they are covered in speck of blood from the fight.

After the video surfaced 40 Glocc took to Twitter where he claimed there was no fighting back because of weapons being pulled. Here’s his official tweet:

Niggaz jump me 3times & edited all that shit out,Wit guns on me & ya homies kickin & hitten..U know why I aint Fight Fagget! @thegame

— BIG BAD 40 (FOUR O) (@40GLOCC) July 9, 2012

The claims of an unfair fight didn’t end there, 40 Glocc claims other men were involved in the fight before the camera started recording:

“I wanna know who the tall nigga was that kick me on my eye at the 1st jump they edited out!”

— BIG BAD 40 (FOUR O) (@40GLOCC) July 8, 2012

We may never know if the video was ever edited out to make The Game look like the tougher man but here’s what we can see: