World Body Painting Festival Wows Audiences For 15 Years

The World Bodypainting Festival 2012 left many lasting impressions before drawing to a close on July 8. The weeklong event held on Portschach at lake Wortheresee in Austria dazzled event goers with the incredible living canvas artworks. Bodypainting artists from more than 40 countries competed in a myriad of creative categories – facepainting, UV effects, airbrush, and brush/sponge painting, according the World Bodypainting Festival website. The 2012 event if the fifteenth anniversary of the festival.

The World Bodypainting Festival is the largest body painting event around the globe and is sponsored by Kryolan. The festival location is just as beautiful as the temporary works of art displayed on the runway during the annual event. Bodypaint City is surrounded by serene blue lagoons and lush tropical landscaping. The bodypainting festival also boasts lively DJ acts, dance shows, workshops and children’s programs. More than 30,000 people visited the World Bodypainting Festival this year, according to New York Daily News.

Unlike typical fashion shows, the models are not restricted to the catwalk. While traversing the sidewalks of Bodypaint City, visitors encounter a plethora of models adorned only in temporary paint either blending into the landscape or vividly contrasting from their surroundings.

Austria festivalsThe Body Circus held in the Surreal Ballroom was once again the most popular show at the World Bodypainting Festival. The Leonstain Castle built in 1492 was turned into a mystical performance arena for the 2012 event. Festival goers attended the event in fantasy-theme costumes complete with bodypaint adornments and masks. A styling “jam session” held prior to the Body Circus aids attendees with their costume creations before the show begins.


The 2012 World Bodypainting Festivals winners include Kristina Elizarova as the new UV Effects World Champion. Magdalena O’Conner earned second place honors in the same category and Wolf Reicherter won the third place award.