Wisconsin Woman, 21, Froze To Death After Leaving Party In Shorts In -27.5-Degree Weather With Wind Chill

Elizabeth Luebke, 21, froze to death in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after leaving a house party to enter weather that was -27.5 degrees with wind chill in just shorts and a tank top. The young woman was reportedly intoxicated when she left the party and entered the extreme elements wearing just shorts, fishnet stockings, and a tank top. The woman was reported missing by her mother and was later found frozen just a few blocks from the house where the party was held.

The Daily Mail reports that 21-year-old Elizabeth Luebke attended a concert with friends on Saturday night before heading to a house party. However, friends at the party say that Elizabeth was incredibly intoxicated and got angry at someone else at the party and the pair fought.

“When she got here, she was really, really drunk and she got mad at her other friend and she stormed out.”

Following the altercation, Elizabeth allegedly left the home in just her tank top, shorts,and fishnet stockings despite the subzero temperatures outside. Weather reports indicate that overnight temperatures dropped to -27.5 degrees including the wind chill. Therefore, intoxicated Luebke didn’t make it far before collapsing in the street.

A nearby business captured video surveillance of Elizabeth as she walked down the street. However, it showed she didn’t make it far before collapsing onto the street where she remained until she completely stopped moving. The incident took place at around 4:30 a.m. According to Buzzfeed, when Elizabeth didn’t return home, her mother went to find her in Milwaukee. Instead of finding her daughter, the grieving mother came across police investigating the scene of Luebke’s death after a passerby came across the body on Sunday morning.

Police note that Elizabeth was in no way prepared for the elements and was found wearing just shorts, fishnet stockings, and a tank top. They did note that a sweater was found near her body, but was not on her body at the time of her death. Toxicology reports taken at the hospital following Elizabeth’s death indicate she had a blood alcohol level of 0.4 at the time of her death.

Elizabeth’s mother admits that her daughter had a history of drinking problems. She notes that in October of 2015 Elizabeth was admitted to the hospital for alcohol poisoning and had struggled with alcohol for some time. However, following her hospitalization from alcohol poisoning, it appears that Elizabeth was attempting to stop drinking. In December, the young woman posted that she had been sober for a month. Sadly, it appears the sobriety didn’t last and just one month later her addiction would claim her life.

Friends have taken to Facebook to express their sadness over Elizabeth’s passing; however, others are questioning why none of the friends at the party tried to stop the girl from leaving when she was obviously not dressed appropriately to handle the harsh weather.

Many of those close to Elizabeth are changing their profile photos to images of cats noting that “Lizzy would love if everyone had kitten profiles to honor her!”

Authorities say that young people should always leave parties in groups, especially when alcohol has been consumed, noting it is “just general personal safety.” For those in Wisconsin, the weather reports suggest that Elizabeth Luebke’s death came as the coldest air of the season settled into the area. In fact, a wind chill advisory was in effect for all 72 counties in the state at the time of the young woman’s death.

The weather is expected to remain harsh throughout the week with warmer weather entering the area this weekend. However, even with the warmer air coming, temperatures are expected to remain in the low 20s.

[Image via Facebook/ Elizabeth Luebke]