Kylie Jenner’s BF Tyga Hits Up Strip Club After Cheating Allegations

Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend Tyga was seen hitting up a strip club on late Tuesday night. According to reports, the rapper was spotted with Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend James Harden.

The guys were seen arriving to the Ace of Diamonds strip club where Tyga was hosting that night. This comes shortly after the rumors that the “Stimulated” rapper has been allegedly cheating on his 18-year-old girlfriend. Tyga was photographed wearing a bright red Tommy Hilfiger windbreaker over a plaid button down shirt and black skinny jeans.

He completed his look with a pair of black boots, silver diamond rings, gold chain necklaces, and diamond earrings. According to People, Tyga was spotted visiting The Nice Guy before making his appearance at the Ace of Diamonds. Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, Scott Disick, and Kendall Jenner were also seen at the restaurant.


Then Tyga made his way over to the Hollywood strip club, where he was hosting for the club’s one-year anniversary celebration. Shortly after, Khloe’s boyfriend James was seen heading into the venue to join the rapper on the celebration, according to TMZ. Kylie Jenner was not by the rapper’s side that night.

And apparently he wasn’t just there to perform. An insider told the Hollywood Life that Tyga got plenty of lap dances from a stripper that night, which is reportedly “one of his favorite dancers.”

“Tyga was the man at AOD last night. You would have thought he owned the club and that everyone was there to celebrate him instead of the club’s one-year anniversary, judging at how much fun he was having. He was making it rain and got several nice lap dances from one of his favorite dancers, who has a body that’s out of this world. They always connect when Tyga’s in the building. Low key, they kind of like each other. They always connect and the vibe between them is explosive. Last night before he left, she whispered in his ear, telling him that once he’s ready to grow up and be with a woman who’s older than his current one and who has a real body, unlike his baby mama, to call her. Tyga had the biggest smile on his face — like he was Charlie From Willy Wonka with the golden ticket in his hand.”

Maybe the rapper had to play along and be a good host since he was at a strip club, after all. Or, maybe he should have known better than to flirt with the dancers. There’s also the constant cheating allegations that’s been hounding Tyga. Last month, it was rumored that he cheated on Kylie with 23-year-old Brazilian model Annalu Cardoso.

Then 14-year-old aspiring model and singer Molly O’Malia held a press conference with celebrity attorney Gloria Allred and confessed that the rapper sent her messages on Instagram, most of which made her “uncomfortable.”

Then last year, it was rumored that Tyga cheated on the Jenner teen with transgender model Mia Isabella. Celebrity gossip blog Love B. Scott released the graphic texts and nude photos that were submitted them by an anonymous tipster. Tyga has since denied the rumors, but admitted that the nude photos were of him.

Kylie Jenner

According to Life & Style Magazine, Kylie Jenner dumped Tyga around his birthday when she found him Facetiming with a stripper. She also found some evidence on his computer that revealed that he’s been cheating on her.

The couple hasn’t been together since the holidays, and sources close to them say that they haven’t spoken since the recent cheating allegations involving Tyga and the Brazilian model. The rapper is trying to win his girlfriend back, then flirting with a stripper wouldn’t be a good idea.

What are your thoughts on Tyga? Do you think he should have hosted a strip club despite in light of the cheating allegations? Or, do you think it was his job to go? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo Courtesy of Tinseltown/Shutterstock]