Could Louis Tomlinson's Girlfriend, Danielle Campbell, Star In One Direction Fanfic Movie 'After?'

Treva Bowdoin

Danielle Campbell is cementing her connection to One Direction by continuing to spend time with boyfriend Louis Tomlinson, and her high-profile romance with a member of the band makes her an excellent choice for the lead in the movie After.

This idea might seem a bit blasphemous to the One Direction fans who prefer their boys to be single, and then there are the Larries who don't like Danielle Campbell because she ruins their fantasy that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are secret gay lovers. However, it looks Danielle has switched Louis back into relationship mode, so she's probably going to be in his life for quite a while. According to E! News, Louis Tomlinson and Danielle Campbell were recently photographed shopping together at a Bristol Farms supermarket in Los Angeles.

If celebrities like Louis Tomlinson and Danielle Campbell aren't seriously dating, they usually aren't interested in performing mundane tasks together like going out to get groceries. This is why Louis and Danielle's supermarket trip could be seen as a sign that things are getting pretty serious.

— 1D UPDATES (@LouisTommo1DUK) January 7, 2016

After was eventually turned into a book series, and all the characters were renamed: Harry Styles became Hardin Scott; Tomlinson became Logan; Liam Payne became Landan; Niall Horan became Nate; and Zayn Malik became Zedd. According to E! News, Paramount Pictures bought the rights to Anna Todd's book, and the author already has some ideas about who she wants to star in it.

"I would love Harry to do it, but I can't imagine him getting into that kind of role," Todd said. "He is too sweet to play him. Douglas Booth is my other dream cast. Indiana Evans was cast as Tessa when I was writing the fan fiction on Wattpad, so that's who I would want to play Tessa. However, I trust the producers to pick the perfect Tessa."

Interestingly, Louis Tomlinson's current girlfriend has a lot in common with Indiana Evans, looks-wise. Their faces and bodies are a similar shape, and they both have full lips and gorgeous eyes. Both actresses also have that sweet and innocent look that's so essential to showing the stark contrast between Tessa and Hardin. However, Danielle Campbell might actually have a slight advantage over Indiana Evans when it comes to their ages – Louis Tomlinson's 20-year-old girlfriend is closer to Tessa's age (18) at the beginning of After than 25-year-old Indiana is.

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