WWE News: Chris Jericho Talks About Big Show Being A Jerk Backstage

In WWE news, Chris Jericho revealed that Big Show used to be quite the jerk when the two of them were working together in WCW, according to the new episode of Whooooo! Nation.

Very few people in professional wrestling know the Big Show as well as Chris Jericho does. The two of them have worked in two separate companies together for well over a decade.

While having a discussion with Ric Flair, Chris Jericho talked about the differences between the environment in World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Chris Jericho stated that the backstage environment in WCW was very negative, as a lot of people were pitted against one another and cliques were formed to counteract the politics.

Being in that type of environment caused Big Show to become a negative person as well. At the time, he was still new to the business so he was quite impressionable with performers.

Big Show came into the business with a lot of hype because his size and athleticism were a dream to most wrestling promoters. Many felt that he would become a major attraction.

For the sake of survival, a lot of people in the industry have a tendency to latch on to people that they feel will be a draw for a very long time and can keep them employed as well.

Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho [Photo by WWE]A good example of this is how Brian Knobbs, Jerry Sags, and especially Jimmy Hart have maintained a really close friendship to Hulk Hogan, who still has a good amount of power.

Hulk Hogan was said to have used his backstage power in World Championship Wrestling to make sure the Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags, the Nasty Boys, were given big time pushes.

When Big Show came into WCW, a lot of the veteran performers backstage saw potential in him and knew that he would be pushed to the main, which would increase job security.

Many knew that if they could get on the good side of the Big Show, he might be more inclined to ask management to work a feud once he had more powers given to him backstage.

If not for the amount of money that he was being paid by WCW, Big Show might not have stayed in professional wrestling for too long had the negative atmosphere continued on.

When Vince McMahon came calling, it was a life changing moment for Big Show. Aside from the gigantic ten year contract, Big Show was also given a much better work atmosphere.

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon [Photo by WWE]Chris Jericho also revealed on the podcast interview that Big Show became a much better human being and coworker once he signed his big deal with World Wrestling Entertainment.

For all of his flaws, Vince McMahon is credited with creating a very positive work environment for his performers, even though some become disgruntled for whatever reasons they have.

There are those that might assume that backstage heat might stem from the comments that Chris Jericho made about Big Show, especially since they sound pretty bad on the surface.

However, Chris Jericho reassured his listeners that things between he and Big Show will be just fine as the two of them are now extremely close friends, both backstage and in real life.

Chris Jericho even boldly stated that Big Show himself would be the first to admit that he was not that nice of a person back when he was working for World Championship Wrestling.

Considering how long Big Show has been in the industry and how much of a positive impact that he has had on others, it would have been a shame if he had decided to retire early.

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