Do What For Valentine’s Day? Unorthodox Ideas Can Be Romantic

Valentine’s day isn’t just for couples. Okay, maybe it’s commercially for couples, but there are plenty of things single people can do. If you are in a relationship, you look forward to doing romantic things together for Valentine’s day. Single people just hope to get through the day with minimal nausea. These are a few atypical things that both the hopeless romantic and the hopeful lovers might enjoy this Valentine’s day.

  • Pedestrian adventure. Don’t waste the entire day trying to think of things to do for Valentine’s day. Find a neighborhood or block neither of you have explored and go for a walk. Take in the sights, admire landscapes, find a new hang out, or whatever piques your interest as you wander. Find your own romantic adventure this Valentine’s day.
  • Make your own donuts. Gather your ingredients: dough, oil and toppings. You can make your own dough and toppings or use store-bought sprinkles and biscuit dough or whatever Valentine’s day inspires. Look up a good recipe online to use as a guide and get frying!
  • The spicy food challenge. Nothing strengthens a relationship like a good competition. And nothing can spice up things like, well, spice. This Valentine’s day, challenge each other to a spicy food contest. Make it your own by placing bets or awarding prizes to the “winner.” No penalties for tears, though. Those ghost peppers would make Casper’s eyes water.
  • Go to the zoo. Valentine’s day romance isn’t just for people, you know. Zoo exhibits display animals in habitats that simulate their natural homes, which means it is not uncommon to see a female creature curled up, hunting, or wrestling, with her mate. And for those anti-Valentine’s day folks, check out the reptile exhibits or learn more about the habits and rituals of your favorite animals.
  • Karaoke. Yes, get up on a stage, or in the center of the living room, and sing your hearts out. Head to your favorite club, stay at home, or make it a group event and include other couples for this activity. Grab a bottle of champagne in the name of Valentine’s day, and so no one gets too nervous about singing in front of people.
  • Horror movie marathon. Horror movies serve more than one purpose on Valentine’s Day. For single people, they offer an escape from the hearts and flowers routine that enthrall couples on the most romantic day of the year. For the odd couples out there, they give a less cliché way to celebrate the holiday. Some girls are not captivated by the Valentine’s day chocolates and roses hoopla, and some guys are not inclined to give those things. Make a day of checking out the latest scary movies in theaters, rent a few classic vamp flicks or spend the day on the couch watching them on Netflix. Cuddling during the gory parts, even if they really don’t bother you, is a romantic Valentine’s day activity on its own.
  • Visit a brewery. Put a spin on the traditional Valentine’s day wine tasting. If beer is more your sweetheart’s and your flavor, go to a brewery that offers beer flights. Savor the classic beers and discover new favorites. Perhaps sipping beer will take the edge off those Valentine’s day jitters and open up the creative vein for a big finale.
  • Home makeover. A little DIY home renovation may not sound romantic, but some hard work and a few laughs make that Valentine’s day dinner and wine very special. Make it a project for yourself if you are single, or team up with your Valentine and spruce up things around the house that need some TLC. Choose laid back projects so there is no pressure or stress and make it fun. Put your love for each other, or your love of projects, into your work, and it will turn itself into a very special Valentine’s day with little effort.

Whatever your situation, and whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s day, make it a good one. Enjoy yourself and leave your mind, and your day, open to any adventure that comes your way. Happy Valentine’s day!

[Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images]