June 7, 2017
Ron Perlman Teams Up With 'Harry Potter' Actor Rupert Grint In 'Moonwalkers'

Ron Perlman has a strong presence in any production he does, whether it is on the small screen or on the big screen. When it comes to his role on the now-iconic Sons of Anarchy, the Huffington Post reported last September that Perlman found the show's evolution interesting.

"It's really interesting. Somewhere in the middle of Season One, the audience responded almost immediately in time to the plot turning dramatic and shocking. That's when we on the show realized what we were and what we weren't. From that point on, we got momentum that nobody could believe; even the network was surprised by how we kept shattering not only their own records for viewers but our own each year. But when you look back on it, you realize it was a singular event. It's phenomenal when you happen to be one of those guys that gets to enjoy that kind of juggernaut experience. It has probably changed the courses of all of our lives, those of us who were involved in it day to day."
After Sons of Anarchy, Ron Perlman went on to portray Judge Pernell Harris in Hand of God, which is produced by Amazon Studios and enjoyed the debut of its second season last fall.Perlman said he was thrilled with the role.
"I couldn't believe my good fortune when I read the script, that I found a role with all of the characteristics about what's interesting in mankind rolled up into one. Loyalty, infidelity, fidelity, love, zealotry, insanity and inspiration — all these things are dealt with in this show. He possesses a compendium of characteristics that would be the envy for anybody who aspires to call themselves an actor."
Ron Perlman spent time studying those touched by the Spirit on YouTube to prepare for the role.
"There's no right way of doing it, there's no wrong way of doing it. It's one of these things that comes out differently depending on who it's coming out of. Some people do it very calmly and collectedly, and some people are just shaking and out of control. I tried to find something that honored both extremes."
Check out the Hand of God Season 1 trailer.

Aside from his work on the small screen, Ron Perlman's new movie, Moonwalkers, just came out last weekend.

Reviews of the movie are mixed. The Press Democrat reports that the movie is full of holes and it isn't compelling, although Perlman's performance is powerful.
"Neither Grint nor the hoax subplot are compelling enough to hold our attention. Perlman, on the other hand, makes for a commanding, if peripheral, presence, diverting the focus of the film from silly historical speculation to a tale of a damaged psyche."
On the other hand, the Chicago Sun Times reports that the pairing of Ron Perlman and Rupert Grint (who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series) is perfect.
"Well, it's not a time travel movie, so the characters of Clay and Ronald aren't in Moonwalkers, but it's still pretty great to see the craggy-faced, boom-voiced Ron Perlman teamed up with the rascally Rupert Grint in director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet's cheerfully insane, comically violent, often confounding, sometimes tedious but ultimately entertaining trip through the looking glass."
The review goes on to say the two are a great duo in a movie about 1960s stereotypes.
"This is a cheeky, madcap romp, with exaggerated views of 1960s American stereotypes about Brits and vice versa, featuring terrific performances by Perlman and Grint, a most unlikely and most likable buddy duo."
The trailer for Moonwalkers says it all.

Ron Perlman will continue to pop up on the big screen in a number of movies, including Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It will be exciting to see Ron Perlman in a movie that is connected to the Harry Potter world!

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