Caitlyn Jenner Gets A Book Deal All About Transition

Caitlyn Jenner is going to be sharing her entire story with the world as news came out that she has a book deal now. KOCO shared the details of Caitlyn’s book deal. This book will be all about Caitlyn’s journey and transition from a man to a woman. Caitlyn was known for years as Bruce Jenner, but now she is known as Caitlyn. This change was a big one for Caitlyn, and she is now sharing how it all happened.

This book doesn’t have a title yet, but it should be out in the spring of 2017. Grand Central Publishing announced the news today that they will be working with Jenner on her book. “Things have been moving so quickly that it will be nice to slow things down a bit and take the proper time to reflect on this journey,” Jenner said in a statement. It does sound like Caitlyn is excited for the chance to tell her side of everything and how it went down.

When it comes to writing the book, Caitlyn Jenner will not be on her own, though. Instead, she will be joined by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Buzz Bissinger, who will help with the book. It is great to have someone by your side that knows a lot about writing and can help with making Caitlyn’s words come out the way that she wants them to sound. Bissinger sounds very excited about the upcoming project in a recent statement.

“I elected to do this with Caitlyn because of the opportunity to create a book that will be riveting, important and reveal all the complexities and twists and turns of her life from boyhood to transition.”

Caitlyn Jenner’s entire family is still adjusting to everything that is going on with the transition. Her daughters seem to be doing pretty good with it, but Kendall Jenner recently shared that she misses doing things with her dad like she used to do in the past. They would do a lot of stuff like riding ATVs and just having a fun time that they really don’t do now like they used to. Kylie has bonded with Caitlyn a bit easier because they are both into makeup and things that Kendall just isn’t into.

Hollywood Life shared that Khloe Kardashian recently revealed that Mason Disick does kind of understand and knows that Caitlyn is still his Grandpa Bruce. They are trying to teach Mason to call her Caitlyn, but he knows that it is still Bruce to him and it can be a bit confusing. North and Penelope just call her Caitlyn, and don’t seem quite old enough to understand what is going on, but they will probably have to explain more when they are older. Khloe is sure that in time, Mason will learn to understand it. Maybe when the kids are big enough, they can read this book and learn all about how Caitlyn transitioned from Bruce Jenner. This can be a bit confusing for a young child, but they seem to be handling it all well.

Do you have plans to buy Caitlyn Jenner’s book when it comes out? Do you think that this book will end up being a best seller? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss seeing Caitlyn on new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Sunday nights on E!. You can also see I Am Cait when it returns on March 6.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]