The Evolution Of Job Hunting [Infographic]

As human beings have evolved we have taken on more complex forms of communication meant to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. However while some tasks can now be performed with the simple click of a button that also means more competition from a growing population, especially in the area of job seeking.

The team at Spark Hire was inspired by the myriad of ways our job seeking communication has changed and they created “the EVOLUTION of APPLYING FOR A JOB” an infographic that examines how business and technology over the last 500+ years has changed how we look and apply for jobs.

If you think about how far we have come it hasn’t been that long ago since mail service (Pony Express) was responsible for communicating with potential employers, follow by the advent of the fax machine which quickly increased from 300,000 to 4 million faxes purchased each year.

Following the rise of the internet employees could then send out resumes, allow employers to find them based on skill sets and even receive professional job seeking help.

Now as we sit here in 2012 it is not necessarily employees seeking out jobs but employers who are using social media platforms to find new recruits that naturally fit open positions. As we enter the age of LinkedIn and BranchOut the way we think about finding a job continues to evolve at a rapid rate.

The Evolution of Job Seeking Methods

Which one of the job seeking methods listed above do you think is the most effective in landing a new career?