Adrian Peterson Arrest: RB Says The “Truth Will Surface”

We reported yesterday that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was arrested by Houston police after he was supposedly unwilling to leave a nightclub after closing time. However, Peterson has stepped out and indicated that those are false allegations.

It was reported that Peterson was “was heavily intoxicated at the time of his arrest” and that it took three off-duty police officers to subdue the NFL star and place him in handcuffs. After being charged with the misdemeanor of resisting arrest, Peterson spent the night in jail and bonded out on $1,000 the next morning, according to USA Today.

Upon being released from behind bars, the Vikings running back immediately took to Twitter to thank his fans and indicate the allegations behind his arrest were not correct and that real story will find its way out sooner than later.

“Thank you for waiting for the facts. Truth will surface,” he said.

Peterson soon followed with a historical quote from the great Winston Churchill, further leading fans and supporters to the belief that there is certainly more to the situation, saying:

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

This led many of his fans to tweet back their support for the All-Pro running back, hoping for the best for Peterson.

“Been with you in HS, been with you at OU, been with you at Vikings. Knew there was more to the story,” said one follower, with another adding

“They always have to mess with someone!”

The Vikings are obviously aware of the issue and are said to be gathering more information about the situation.

Do you think that Adrian Peterson was wrongfully arrested?