Josh Duggar Allegedly ‘Stalked’ By Danica Dillon Who’s Desperate For ’15 Minutes Of Fame’ Sister Says [Video]

In a new twist to the Josh Duggar scandals, Josh Duggar was reportedly “stalked” by Danica Dillon prior to their alleged sexual encounters, according to Dillon’s sister. Danica, an adult film star whose real name is Ashley Stamm-Nothup, recently sued Josh Duggar for $500,000, claiming he was so rough during sex that Danica felt she was being assaulted.

But according to Danica’s own sister, Mariah Stamm, the whole thing was a set-up, and her sister instigated the meet-ups with Josh Duggar, Stamm revealed in an interview with Radar Online. Stamm confessed that her stripper sister “pretty much followed Josh for six months before the first encounter ever happened,” and watched his every move. “She was Twitter stalking him, and able to know where his location was.”

But why target Josh Duggar?

According to her sister, Danica is desperate for her “15 minutes of fame,” and is convinced she is “some famous celebrity, like Taylor Swift,” Mariah claims. According to Radar, Danica has starred in over 128 x-rated films. Stamm said that her sister firmly believes a sexual encounter with the conservative Christian Josh Duggar is the surest shot to mainstream fame, and “it will do them both good to have each other as friends because she’s the next big thing.”

After a tumultuous year of scandals, Josh Duggar was hiding in a Rockford, Illinois, rehab center getting treatment for a pornography and sex addiction. Thinking the worst was over, last November, Josh was slammed with a $500,000 lawsuit from Danica Dillon, who claimed “physical and emotional injuries” from their sexual encounters.

According to court documents that lawyers for Danica Dillon filed in a Pennsylvania court, the consensual sex with Josh Duggar was so rough that she felt “as if she were being raped.” Josh Duggar has spent months trying to shake the lawsuit from Dillon, claiming the stripper doesn’t have enough evidence of abuse, that she has failed to comply with the judge’s request for evidence, and even that he was not in the state of Pennsylvania at the time of the alleged encounters.

Even though attorneys for Josh Duggar have made several motions to dismiss, the judge has denied every request. As of right now, Josh Duggar is required to tell the judge about his sexual encounters with Dillon in detail, and a pre-trial hearing is set for January 21.

Although he claims to have never met Danica Dillon, Josh Duggar must have known something was up. Last August, just days before the story broke that Duggar had sex with Dillon, Josh Duggar sold his Siloam Springs, Arkansas, “dream home” to a mystery corporation known as ALB Investments, LLC.

Nobody knows who owns the corporation, since according to a 2007 Arkansas law, such information is confidential. However, a close family friend of the Duggars, attorney Travis W. Story, set up the corporation. At the time, an insider revealed the transaction, which is apparently legal, might have been Jim Bob’s idea. An insider revealed that Jim Bob “may seem like he just fell off the turnip truck,” but the Duggar family patriarch is “savvy when it comes to his investments and real estate.”

Although she claims to have direct knowledge Danica did have sex with Josh, Mariah asserts she does not feel sorry for her sister. If Josh was rough once, why did her sister go back? “If someone did that the first time, why go back a second time?” Mariah queried, explaining “I don’t feel bad for her.”

Nor does Mariah feel bad for Josh. According to Stamm, “whatever backlash he’s getting, he should have known it was going to come.” According to Mariah, Josh “brought it upon himself.”

What do you think? Is Danica Dillon just trying to get her 15 minutes of fame? Is Josh Duggar a victim here? Leave your comment below!

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