‘Making A Murderer’ To Get A Season 2? Filmmakers Reveal They Are Staying ‘Proactive’ With The Idea

Netflix’s original movies and TV shows are expanding and gripping their audiences with humor, drama, and action, but one has gone beyond the scope of a just a good show to capture viewer’s emotions like none before. Netflix’s series Making a Murderer has gained national attention from supporters of both sides of the spectrum.

But while widespread attention has been drawn to the documentary that follows Steven Avery from convicted rapist to exonerated to convicted murderer, a second season isn’t yet on the horizon. In a conversation with Us Weekly, the filmmakers, Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi, said that they are currently “proactive” about the idea of a possible second season. The filmmakers also told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour that they have been in contact with the convicted murderer since Making a Murderer launched in mid-December.

“We did record those calls with an eye toward including them in any episodes, should there be new episodes,” Ricciardi said during the TCA press tour. “But we have not returned to Wisconsin in the past four weeks.”

The directors are collecting any possible footage or voice recordings for future seasons if there is, in fact, any.

Moira Demos added during the same press tour, “This story is ongoing. These cases are open. We are ready to follow these. If there are significant developments, we will be there. And we’re looking at other stories as well.”

Steven Avery has been in custody since 2007. [Image via Netflix]

The first season of Making a Murderer has garnered the attention of thousands, including the White House, but not everyone feels the same way about the series, which follows Steven Avery through 10 hour-long episodes chronicling Avery’s trouble with the Manitowoc county police department.

Avery was convicted of rape and served 18 years before DNA evidence exonerated him. But before Avery could finish off a $36 million dollar lawsuit against the Manitowoc police department, he was arrested and convicted of the murder of Teresa Halbach. He has been serving his sentence since 2007.

Critics of the show say that the entire story wasn’t told and that much of the evidence presented in court during Avery’s murder trial was edited out of the documentary. The filmmakers said that the point of the show was to highlight how the criminal justice system is working today and not to put Avery back on trial by saying this during the TCA press tour, “This is a documentary,” and “We did not set out to convict or exonerate anyone,” also adding that the was to “look at the criminal justice system today.”

Regardless of the mission of the show, viewers didn’t see it that way. Two petitions declaring Avery’s innocence and demanding a pardon have garnered thousands of signatures. One of those petitions was sent to the White House even though the Constitution prevents President Barack Obama from taking any such action since Avery was convicted at the state level not the federal.

'Making a Murderer' disgraced DA Ken Kratz has alleged that the filmmakers left out key evidence. [Image via Netflix]
'Making a Murderer' disgraced DA Ken Kratz has alleged that the filmmakers left out key evidence. [Image via Netflix]

While the petitions represent those who believe Avery is innocent, a pile on of anti-Making a Murderer critics stormed countless news channels. Nancy Grace (watch the video below to see some of her points) recently joined Fox News, NBC News, and Investigative Discovery in voicing their problems with the popular show. Nancy Grace says that her upcoming show will reveal evidence left out of the show that proves that Steven Avery did, in fact, murder Teresa Halbach.

With the media fighting in the opposite corner of Avery and opposing the documentary’s filmmakers, the directors of the series believe the media is repeating the same vicious cycle it did when the same media outlets covered Avery during his trial back in 2006.

The filmmakers said during the TCA press tour that, “I think what we’re seeing now is actually history repeating itself. It’s now on a national scale that the media are demonizing this man in order to prove his guilt.”

Guilty or innocent, if the attention the show has gained causes any new developments in the case, one could speculate that a second season would be on the horizon.

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[Image via Netflix]