Lana Del Rey Joins Long List Of Celebrities Terrorized By Crazed Stalkers

Lana Del Rey has been busy in the wrong kind of way these days. Hot on the heels of her latest album release, Honeymoon, and subsequent tour, the 30 year-old has been dealing less with music these days and more with crazed stalkers.

According to Maxim, Zachary Self, an obsessed Lana Del Rey stalker, pled no contest in court regarding charges leveled against him by Del Rey. Self broke into Lana’s Malibu home where he was discovered by construction workers high on the influence of hallucinogens. He also left creepy notes around her house that included that he was “engaged to heaven on Earth with Lana Del Rey.”

Self was served 84 days in jail, followed by five years of probation as a result of the incident.

Lana Del Rey Restraning Order Russian Fans
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As if that wasn’t bad enough, Lana is also dealing with yet another stalker incident, according to TMZ, that found Del Rey filing a restraining order against two Russian stalkers that reportedly threatened to kill her.

“Lana says things got so bad she had to move, but the girls found her new place and resumed sleeping outside her house and screaming her name in the middle of the night.”

The resulting terror these girls allegedly wrought on Lana was enough for her to reportedly have to hire a body guard to protect her while she’s out in public. According to the Daily Mail, Lana was recently spotted with a handsome gentleman that was not her ex-boyfriend, Italian photographer boyfriend Francesco Carrozzini, whom she broke up with in November after a year-long relationship, leading many to speculate if his presence was as a bodyguard, not a new romantic interest.

All this stalker-related turmoil finds Lana Del Rey a part of a not-so-exclusive club of celebrities being terrorized by crazed fans. According to Miami New Times, Selena Gomez, Sheryl Crow, and Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder are just a few celebrities with stalkers on their resumes.

Selena Gomez Celebrity Stalkers
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“Barely legal teen pop queen Selena Gomez received a seriously threatening letter from a superfan-turned-stalker named Thomas Brodnicki and Crossfade can’t help but wonder if those naked gold statues had anything to do with it. Regardless, it’s ridiculous for a 46-year-old man to become so obsessed with a 19-year-old pop star that he plots to kill her. A plot, we must add, that he has allegedly mulled over with God Himself.”

Vedder meanwhile had a brush with a crazed stalker that almost proved deadly for both him and his crazed fan. As detailed in the Pearl Jam Twenty documentary from 2011, Eddie’s encounter with an obsessed fan lead him to withdraw from public life at a time when the band’s popularity was at its peak. Things got so bad in 1995 that one stalker actually drove herself straight into Vedder’s home. Her attempt to “meet” Eddie was only thwarted by a brick wall he had erected around his estate as protection.

Dateline did a piece on celebrity stalking that analyzed how these people go from being ordinary everyday humans into obsessed fans. According to Detective Jeff Dunn, who headed the LAPD unit that dealt with stalkers in the mid-2000s, it isn’t quite limited to only the most rich and famous either.

“Literally anybody that’s in the public’s eye can generate this type of unwanted attention,” he told NBC’s John Larson. “In actress Rebecca Schaefer’s case, one fan’s obsession turned deadly. Schaefer, who starred in the sitcom My Sister Sam, was shot by Robert Bardo in 1989 on the front steps of her apartment building. And it’s only been since her murder that law enforcement and other criminal experts have begun understanding the celebrity stalker profile, what exactly is going through their minds.”

Whatever it is, add Lana Del Rey to the list of celebrities living in fear from stalkers.

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