Uruguay Proposes Legalization Of Marijuana

Uruguay’s president has proposed a plan for the legalization of marijuana, in a move which would make Uruguay the first nation in the world to sell the drug directly.

Speaking in an interview Thursday with Colombia’s RCN radio network, President Jose Mujica denied his proposal meant he wished to see other drugs legalized. Mujica argues that such a law would remove drug profits from the pockets of dealers and smugglers, who continue to create an “unwinnable” drug trafficking problem for police.

Mujica didn’t give a date on when his government would present Uruguay’s Congress with the proposal, though as Mujica’s party dominates Congress, it stands a strong chance of being passed.

The President said the government would sell marijuana at a cheap and reasonable price, and keep close tabs on what each consumer uses.

What do you think of this idea, readers? Do you agree marijuana should be legalized?

Legalization could result in lower prices, a reduction in related crimes (such as theft) and bring about closer regulation of the quality and safety of drugs. Of course, it could also be seen as encouraging use of a dangerous ‘stepping stone’ drug which could then fall into the hands of children all the more easily.

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