‘Street Fighter 5’ Arriving With A Prologue & 16 Playable Characters Come Release Date

Venus Montalbo

The official Street Fighter 5 release date for PC and PS4 is firmly slated for next month. Latest updates for the upcoming generation of Capcom's highly popular fighting game also revealed that the launch version of the game will include a prologue.

As reported by PlayStation Lifestyle, citing the interview of Street Fighter 5 producer Yoshinori Ono with Hadoken, the game, come its February release date will include a prologue to better introduce the characters.

"The team is aware of the high demand for a story mode," he said. "With SFV, at launch, we'll be offering a prologue which introduces players to the characters and the world of Street Fighter V. As for the type of large-scale narrative everyone is hoping for, we'll have more details to announce in the very near future, so please stay tuned."

Furthermore, with Street Fighter 5's release date already in the horizon, the producer also shared details about the game's creation, noting that their approach to SFV's development is focused on keyword "reset."

"We tried to recreate everything from the ground up, even going so far as to reset characters returning from past installments, fine-tuning them to further bring out their originality, with the aim of having returning players say, 'Wow, this is new! Guess I'll be starting over from scratch with SFV!'" Ono explained, as posted on Hadoken.

Yoshinori Ono also revealed that with the "reset" idea, the company aims to attract more players for the "Street Fighter 5.

"At the same time, we're also hoping this 'reset' will bring casual SF players back to the fighting stage. By highlighting the characters' originality as well as the fact that this game is a 'reset,' we hope to see even more players come to try out this next generation of 'Street Fighter' than we saw with SFIV."

Below is a YouTube playlist of trailers released for Street Fighter 5, with most of the videos revealing the characters who will be playable in the upcoming installment.

Specifically, the release date for Street Fighter 5 is set for February 16. Christian Post noted that this launch schedule for the game's fifth installment applies to North American, South East Asian and European markets.

Capcom UK will be holding a launch event for Street Fighter 5 several days before the game's official release. Yoshinori Ono along with top UK pro players will be joining the event. Fans can also look forward to a special live action performance and an exclusive chance to play the game prior to the official launch of Street Fighter 5.

Check out the Twitter post from Capcom UK below:

[Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]