Scheana Marie Says She Wasn’t Out Of Line Texting Ariana Madix’s Mom But Tom Sandoval Feels Betrayed

Scheana Marie doesn’t believe that she was out of line by texting with Ariana Madix’s mom and talking about Tom Sandoval’s influence on her. As the latest Vanderpump Rules episode aired on Monday night, Scheana posted a lengthy message to her Instagram page in which she defended herself. The message accompanied a photo of Scheana, her husband Mike Shay, Tom, and Ariana sitting on airplane, which was likely taken on the way to Hawaii, where the latest episode took place.

New #PumpRules tonight! Please try to remember this was in July and a lot has changed and happened since then. So first before people jump to conclusions, I want to say that Ariana's mom had reached out to me first. I responded to a concerned mother about my best friend. That's all. I would never reach out first nor would I ever do anything to intentionally to hurt them. Also, the txts mentioned tonight were exchanged in early December 2014 to give you some perspective. A time when Tom and I were not in a good place. A time when I also wasn't in a good place. A lot happened that December that you guys will never see or know. But NEVER once did I say Tom was a bad friend or boyfriend. I would never try and sabotage their relationship. I love Ariana more than anything and her and I are in a good place. I've apologized numerous times if I overstepped and for any feelings that were hurt. If you don't have anything nice to say then just keep scrolling and move on with your life. Enjoy the show! ????

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Scheana reminded everyone that it was Ariana’s mom who reached out to her. As she said in the episode, Scheana wrote that she responded since she’s Ariana’s best friend and her mom seemed concerned. Scheana also reminded viewers that the texts were exchanged in December 2014 and things have changed since them. She did admit that at that time, she and Tom “were not in a good place” and that she was going through a difficult time herself. Scheana didn’t elaborate on what issues she and Tom were having then. As for her own difficulties, it may have been a reference to the fact that her husband, Mike Shay, was working on his sobriety.

Scheana added that a lot happened in December that viewers will never see or know. She maintained that she never said that Tom was a bad boyfriend to Ariana or a bad friend to her. She also maintained that she would never try to sabotage Tom’s relationship with Ariana.

As for her friendship with Ariana, Scheana wrote that she loves her “more than anything” and they’re “in a good place.” Scheana explained that she has apologized to Ariana numerous times for any offense that she might have caused.

Ariana also spoke about the tense scene that viewers watched. The scene showed Tom confronting Scheana about sending Ariana’s mom a text in which she wrote that Tom had an attitude, an attitude that may be rubbing off on Ariana, that he’s better than everybody. Scheana said that she stands by everything that she told Ariana’s mom. Scheana then said that Tom’s “cocky attitude” was rubbing off on Ariana. He and Ariana now have a “we’re better than everyone attitude.”

While Ariana certainly looked upset during the scene, she apparently wasn’t as upset as it looked. Ariana tweeted that she didn’t roll her eyes or make any faces at Scheana as the show made it seem. Rather, it seems that her eye rolling and bad faces were directed at Jax Taylor and James Kennedy, but was edited in to her scene with Scheana by Vanderpump Rules‘ producers.

Scheana responded to Ariana’s tweet by telling her that she loves her and expressing excitement over their upcoming meeting.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Scheana recently thanked Ariana for supporting her through her crises with Mike after finding out that Mike was abusing alcohol and prescription pain medication.

It seems that Scheana Marie and Ariana Madix have moved on from the drama that played out in Hawaii. Yet, Tom Sandoval still doesn’t seem to trust Scheana. In an interview with Reality Tea, posted on Monday, Tom agreed that Scheana is becoming “the new resident s***-stirrer” of Vanderpump Rules.

“Yeah. You can kinda tell when she’s bullsh*tting too. Her eyes get really big and she blinks a lot. It’s kind of a dead giveaway. I mean, I’ve dealt with it before.”

Tom Sandoval also said that he feels betrayed by Scheana.

“Yeah! Of course. I mean, you’ll see. You’ll see more. (laughs) It doesn’t get better. My biggest thing with Scheana is that I’ve bent over backwards for her as a friend. I’ve gone above and beyond this season behind the scenes with things that I can’t really talk about, and it was just really heartbreaking to see her on this constant attack. For reasons that I still can’t understand. We just had a big target painted on our backs. And I don’t know if we’ll ever know why.”

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