RoboCop Goes Viral With First Teaser Trailer

In the 1980s the total awesomeness of RoboCop debuted to the joy of millions of fans. Now with a new movie expected in the Summer of 2013 the creators of the remake are going viral with a new teaser trailer.

Brought to us from the folks at Omnicorp the trailer plays on the original movies premises of man vs. machine vs. good guy cyborg.

The teaser not only shows off some of Omincorp’s robot based technology, it also points to, a website meant to hype the film by showcasing the fake company’s technology. Even the mission statement seems real:

“We don’t do passive technology. At OmniCorp, our solutions generate a beacon of safety that we shine upon on the dangers of the day. No matter the obstacle – political, cultural, philosophical – we pursue our convictions around the globe to secure peace of mind at home. And when this requires bold new direction, we never allow doubt to shrink our duty. When your quality of life is in the balance, our leadership team will tip the scales.”

With more than 50,000 views since it debuted it looks like there is still a market for Robocop loving moviegoers.

Here’s a really quick synopsis of the film in case you somehow missed in 30 years ago:

“In a crime-ridden city, a fatally wounded cop returns to the force as a powerful cyborg with submerged memories haunting him.”

The Robocop reboot features Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Hugh Laurie (who plays the films villain), among other excellent supporting cast members.

Here’s the viral video, take a look and let us know if you’re getting excited for the actual Robocop movie:

Are you ready for the awesomeness of RoboCop to return on the big screen?