Lily Allen Reveals Unusual Beauty Trick As She Prepares For The 2019 BRIT Awards

Lily Allen divulged an unorthodox beauty trick to her Instagram followers.

The 34-year-old singer shot the candid Instagram Story during the pampering session before the 2019 BRIT Awards. As the celebrity unveiled, the key ingredient to the perfect red carpet appearance lays in a hitherto neglected procedure – nipple hair removal.

As the Daily Mail reports, Allen swears by a complex, fine-tuned, well-rehearsed strategy – the combination of bleach and eyebrow pluckers. The short clip follows her and her makeup artist, Georgie, as they get down to business. The duo wages war on the unwanted creatures sticking out of the singer's chest in what can only be deemed as the textbook example of teamwork, determined to remove every single detestable piece of black hair proliferating in the area.

While Georgie's go-to weapon is the eyebrow plucker, Allen operates with nipple lighter. Though the clip doesn't reveal whether they succeed in the zealous quest, judging by their serious facial expressions, one can't help but vouch that the answer is a yes.

In the same Instagram story, Allen shed light on another beauty secret as well. Determined to show the lackluster undersides of attending award ceremonies, she also captured the unglamorous process of changing a wig.

As the celebrity cheerfully told the camera, "Changing wigs...I'm on the loo."

For what it's worth, it'd have been impossible to tell these details from the final results. Allen looked spotless on the red carpet in her see-through, black gown adorned with an icy-blue and amber-colored floral pattern. She also wore a slick black wig, which she took off halfway through in order to coordinate the color of her hair with her second outfit. For the afterparty, she chose a glamorous dress comprising of a nude bodice, a sheer, light pink cape that had a feathered detail at the hemline, and a pair of matching open-toe Louboutin heels.

Lily Allen attends BRITs
Getty Images Entertainment | Jeff Spicer

Allen is far from the only celebrity who swears by unusual beauty tricks. As this article by Glamour revealed, Gwyneth Paltrow maintains her flawless, youthful looks with apitherapy, a form of treatment that involves bee stings. While this might seem like a painful routine, it is nothing in comparison to Alessandra Ambrosio's go-to regimen of Velaterapia that calls for burning the old, split hair ends with an open flame.

However, the champion of distressing beauty procedures arguably has to be Lady Gaga. The star tends to remove her makeup with Sellotape. The singer likes to pop a neat strip of Sellotape on her eyes, rub it in, and tear it off.

Lily Allen shocked a good few with her honest confession about nipple hair removal. With it, she joins the jam-packed line of women who have engaged in a good few odd practices to maintain their ravishing appearance.