Jubilee Sharpe Has Awkward Date With Ben Higgins On 'The Bachelor' 2016

Mandy Robinson

Tonight, it is time for a new episode of The Bachelor 2016, and Jubilee Sharpe is going to get a one on one date with Ben Higgins. This will be the first time Jubilee has been able to spend a ton of time with Ben Higgins, but things don't go as planned for her. US Magazine shared a preview of the episode where Jubilee goes with Ben to enjoy some nice food, but her tastes aren't quite the same as his are. Jubilee ends up spitting out the food they try on their date.

On their date, Jubilee Sharpe admits to never having tried caviar. Ben and Jubilee will start feeding each other the caviar and, of course, Ben already knows he likes it. Jubilee, on the other hand, isn't a huge fan when she tries her first bite of it. Ben says that it is pretty good, but Jubilee doesn't seem to be a fan by the strange looks on her face.

"I felt like I was kind of out of my element. I was just so nervous, and I was kind of scared."

Even though she isn't a fan of caviar, Jubilee does share that she loves a good hot dog. It doesn't seem like this is really the kind of thing that the military vet is used to eating. Jubilee Sharpe shared that she was just so nervous on the date with Ben. Jubilee was unsure how he would react to her spitting out the food, but they seemed to handle it all okay. Jubilee shared that she is adventurous, but normally she isn't when it comes to food. It doesn't sound like she has tried very much in her life.

Reality Steve shared some spoilers about what will happen tonight with Jubilee Sharpe. They are on a spa date in San Diego, and they actually get there by helicopter. Jubilee won't upset him too much because Ben Higgins will end up giving her the rose on this date. Jubilee will also end up playing the harp on a group date later this season and does a really good job with it. Obviously, Ben Higgins is going to be happy enough with Jubilee to give her another chance and send someone else home instead of her.

Do you think Jubilee Sharpe will end up winning the heart of Ben Higgins? Could Jubilee be the one he ends up with in the end? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of The Bachelor 2016 on Monday nights on ABC.

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